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  1. Erindor the Espeon

    Eeveelution-inspired paw sock Kickstarter

    Faux Paws Kickstarter I'm returning from a long period of inactivity to show off these fun sock designs I made, inspired by my love for the eeveelutions. Please check out the page, it's active until April 13th, 2019 at midnight.
  2. Erindor the Espeon

    Gamebreakers, a more different Pokémon webcomic

    Gamebreakers, a more different Pokémon webcomic Welcome to the world of Pokémon! How often have you heard that before? I've decided that it needs a different flavor. Meet the trainers Erindor (me) and Blade (Slartibartfast), who seem determined to break every rule in the book. Put that together...
  3. Erindor the Espeon


    So because I just barely got Platinum, as I'm a year and a half behind most of you, I recently discovered the joys of chaining. The wonderful feeling of getting to 39 ponyta... only to have it broken by the same machop that's destroyed me before. So just post what you think about chaining, what...
  4. Erindor the Espeon

    Pokemon Platinum, finally.

    Well, I only just barely got my DS about 1 month ago. About two weeks ago I bought Pokemon Platinum off of ebay for 20$ buy it now. It just got here today, all the way from Hong Kong. :D It's in english too, so I'm set. My second DS game, after Kirby Superstar Ultra.
  5. Erindor the Espeon

    In Progress Post Apocalypse Story

    After my poor last attempt at writing an unoriginal story (You could probably find it somewhere here, many pages back) I decided to come up with something totally original. Here's what I came up with. Post Apocalypse Background: The people who survived the Final War (WWIII) had to take extreme...
  6. Erindor the Espeon

    Need Character Ideas/Plot Twists

    So I've been planning this out slowly for about 1 1/2 years. It's a medieval story, with swords, dragons, etc. Here's what I have: 1) Erindor (Who else?) A human/dragon hybrid, will have wings and possibly firebreath, any other unique things I can come up with. Swordsman, great melee combat...
  7. Erindor the Espeon

    Spore Chat

    I've had Spore since it first came out, but recently got re-obsessed due to discovering the Spore Wiki (http://spore.wikia.com/wiki/SporeWiki) So I've made a fan club for this amazing game, which by the way, was better selling than the Sims 2 (previously the best) before Spore even came out...
  8. Erindor the Espeon

    Christmas Break~

    Oh yes. Two weeks of laziness. In fact, I should be working right now... That, and the RSP is back after 3 months! I'm thinking I like not having school.
  9. Erindor the Espeon

    Open The RPer's strike outpost

    Are you tired of having your maker boss you around, telling you what to do? Do you want to have some independence for once? Then join! Together we will overthrow the creators of our pitiful lives! Members: Erindor the Salamence/Espeon hybrid, from the RP: The RSP (Rack Shackle Pack) Creator...
  10. Erindor the Espeon

    Aperture Science or Black Mesa?

    So, which of the Orange Box science labs is better? I've only played Portal, but seeing my brother play Half-Life 2 was pretty sweet. Though, I've grown more attached to Aperture Science and the turrets. <3 So you decide: Portal, or Half-Life? (BTW: It is confirmed. They are coming out with...
  11. Erindor the Espeon

    RSP Cartooning!

    Alright... It's here you RSP fans... Something you haven't even heard of! :D Seeing how everyone makes comics of mystery dungeon, I wish to accomplish something that others cannot... make one based off of an RPG! So, I don't have anything yet, just the idea. Give me your thoughts...
  12. Erindor the Espeon

    Picture animation, from iaza

    Alright... I'm making an animation, but it's going to take up more than 30 pictures, which is the limit on http://iaza.com/ Is there an other simple online converter that would work to the same extent? Or am I missing something on iaza?
  13. Erindor the Espeon

    Weebl's Stuff!

    So, I've known about this for ages, and I think it deserves a fan club. Especially Insanity Prawn Boy, who's games I have played over the last couple of days. Through this, he may be my favorite character. Here's weebl's stuff: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/ MEMBERS: Erindor the Espeon...
  14. Erindor the Espeon

    Happy giving of the thanks variety! :D

    Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so who's up for some turkey? After you eat, come and post anything special that is unusual, funny or whatnot. Or, post what you plan on doing! Me: Eat a plate of yams. Only yams.
  15. Erindor the Espeon

    Rhetorical Questions, but answer anyway!

    Just post a rhetorical question, or answer one (even though it goes against the very nature.) Feel free to answer a old question. I'll start: The year is 2700. Books are obsolete. The whole world is going to choose one book to keep as a hardcopy. You get to vote. What book? (Don't worry, there...
  16. Erindor the Espeon

    Dollars can predict the fuuuuture

    http://www.cephas-library.com/mystery/20_dollar_bill/mystery_20_dollar_bill.html My Biology teacher showed me this.
  17. Erindor the Espeon

    Happy Birthday to Erindor the Espeon

    Howdy y'all! I'm having my birthday tomorrow, and I invite you all to a *madeup* birthday party! Hope to see you there! (You may start giving me gifts.)
  18. Erindor the Espeon

    "Powder Game"

    I was shown this in my computer class when we were supposed to be working. I instantly became addicted, and so have many of my friends. So, I guess I'll give you the link... http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/ (Yes, it's Japanese so some translations don't work too well... And my first...
  19. Erindor the Espeon

    Website's Net Worth

    So I was googling around, and I found this: http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.dragonflycave.com and thought it was pretty cool. The Cave of Dragonflies is 17,000 dollars? Nintendo.com is just under 1,000,000 dollars. So, go ahead and see the worth of your favorite websites!
  20. Erindor the Espeon

    Avatar Trade Center - ATC

    Join me on my quest to go through all the pages of the Photobucket Funny Pictures and Icons. I've gone through 125, and I've gotten quite a lot. Who knows how many pages there are? There are 700,000 something pictures, 20 a page, and I'm too lazy to find out the answer. Here's the Photobucket...