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  1. Worst Username Ever


    So anyone else got this game? I was lucky and got it in the mail on Thursday, and spent most of my time on the game the past days. It's really fun :D
  2. Worst Username Ever

    Consolers - a comic about game companies (Webcomic)

    So I thought I should make a topic here to shamelessly promote my webcomic. It's called Consolers and is about personified game companies, sort of inspired by Hetalia. There's comics about gaming history, gaming news and various fun facts, all kinds of stuff that makes for a good story with the...
  3. Worst Username Ever

    Favorite and least favorite genres?

    So, video games have a lot of different genres. Which ones do you tend to like, and which ones do you prefer to stay away from? One of my big favorites are platformer games, I just love this genre. Both 2D and 3D ones! I've just always loved them and this kind of gameplay. I play a lot of them...
  4. Worst Username Ever

    PS2 won't show image on TV?

    So I recently got a PS2 (got free from a friend, hehe) and I can't get it to work. Well, the console itself seems to work at least partially, but the image won't show. The console turns on, and the disc spins, and it seems like it should work. There's no sound. If it matters, I have an HDTV and...
  5. Worst Username Ever

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

    So I imagine I'm not the only one excited for the new Animal Crossing game here? Didn't see a thread for it, so I made one. I've been looking forwards to this for a long time, and I'll be getting it on the European release (june 14th) I've been mostly excited about finally getting a handheld...
  6. Worst Username Ever

    Nintendo Network ID list (Wii U usernames)

    So I imagine there's more people than me around here with a Wii U, so why not have a thread for our names? List: Worst Username Ever - Zanreo (ps mods sticky this)
  7. Worst Username Ever

    Things you believed as a kid?

    Here you can post various weird childhood beliefs you had. I believed: - Mice were just baby rats - If you didn't go outside every day, you would die. However, just poking your head out the window for a few seconds was enough. - I could inflate my hand by "blowing into" my thumb... I saw it in...
  8. Worst Username Ever

    Copying 3DS SD info to a new card - any advice?

    So this might be a dumb question, but here goes: I've recently considered getting a bigger SD card for my 3DS - probably about time since I still have the tiny 2GB card that came with the 3DS, and if I'm going to download a lot it's probably going to be filled pretty soon (especially with the...
  9. Worst Username Ever

    Mad Libs

    (there's an old topic for them I made years ago, but I don't feel like bumping that up) So, I just randomly decided to start making these again because boredness. And I made a thread so everyone can share them and laugh. (though we have a thread for another mad lib-ish site, this is more for...
  10. Worst Username Ever

    Removing vocals from songs?

    So, for a "project"/medley I'm planning to do, I will need to make instrumentals of various songs I'm using in it, and remove their vocals so only the music is left. For some, I've searched for "X instrumental" but for many of them, this doesn't seem to exist. So I might have to make them...
  11. Worst Username Ever


    So, I found this fun site where you can type in your name, a thing, or anything else... and get fun results. http://www.googlism.com/index.htm Now, let's try my name: silke is a cia agent who's as tough and intelligent as she is gorgeous I like this one. X3 silke is a pink white female...
  12. Worst Username Ever

    Misreadings and stuff

    So, in this thread you can share anything you've read as something else at a first glance, thought "wait, that can't be right..." and then look back at what it actually says and have a good laugh. One of my best is reading "King Boo" as "Kim Jong-Il" during a game of Mario Kart with my brother...
  13. Worst Username Ever

    Cosplay Club

    I'm sure there are other cosplayers at the forum too, and seeing how there was no club... I made one. Talk about everything related to cosplay! What costumes have you made? Working on anything? Seeing forwards to a con, and who are you planning to be? Members: -Worst Username Ever
  14. Worst Username Ever


    Couldn't find a thread like this when searching. So, I'm sure some of you have weird, funny, or just screwed-up dreams? Post here~ A few days ago, I dreamt that I was friends with Poland from Hetalia, and we were working on a school project, which was writing a book report about some book where...
  15. Worst Username Ever

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mafia

    All PMs should be sent now- tell me if you didn't get one. The sun sets over the Smash Bros. world. The characters are all going home to sleep, but what they don't know is that some of them might not wake up tomorrow... 48 hours for night actions.
  16. Worst Username Ever

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mafia[closed]

    (I wanted to be a Game Master too, it sounds fun, and hey, how hard can it be?) RULES: 1. Pretty much a normal, generic Mafia game, just with Brawl roles. So all normal rules apply here. 2. Discussing between players outside of the thread are not allowed unless specified otherwise. 3. If a...
  17. Worst Username Ever

    HG/SS Pokéwalker problems

    Pokéwalker problems After downloading Winner's Path, I tried sending my Charizard in the Treehouse route back. However, at the connection screen it seemed to send the Pokémon over, but just stopped after that... I never got the message "Charizard has returned", however, the Pokéwalker said...
  18. Worst Username Ever


    I try to collect every kind of Berry, and so far, I'm missing these ones: Starf, Lansat, Petaya, Apicot, Salac, Enigma, Micle, Custap and Jaboca. Do you have any of them? Preferably NON-HACKED. I think I can trade almost anything you want for them, except for shinies(I only have one Shiny and...
  19. Worst Username Ever

    Wacky Web Tales(mad libs)

    (should this be moved to forum games?) http://www.eduplace.com/tales/ Do it. Now. Some examples: lol this stuff can be pretty cool.
  20. Worst Username Ever


    So, anyone else here know about Akinator? It's basically a 20 Questions bot-game where you think of a "character" (even though it says "character", it can be anything from an actor or a video game character to Santa Claus or even Internet memes...) Akinator will ask yes/no questions about...