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  1. Flora

    Pokemon characters with the worst hairstyles

    Are we not gonna talk about the postgame men from swsh
  2. Flora

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D7

    i can't believe I helped mafia win by doing NOTHING I also can't believe I achieved my Winninger Condition without doin ANYTHING amazing. holy shit mafia is overwhelming
  3. Flora

    Challenge Board

    Squirtles asked if I’d be able to do the narration for his numbers! So it depends on him, hehe; numbers hard for me
  4. Flora

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    once more, I revive the QUILTBAG club to talk about me being an idiot about gender so the highlights of the past year, first off! I made a shitload of fandom friends who’ve only ever known me as chel the nonbinary icon, and that has been a Blessing, oh my god. I came out to my irl friends (who...
  5. Flora

    The New Tumblr Thread

    Wait I never posted in this one? Weird. Anyway! My blog is thechavanator! It’s a cataclysm of personal musings and fandom hell (which I try to tag for lmao; right now it’s mostly dragon quest) as well as so much fanfiction (again, dragon quest). I have a few side blogs too; I got an ask-ish...
  6. Flora

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D7

    react =/= respond but I CAN confirm that dream!eifie was not a vig. I will explain when this game ends for VERY specific reasons
  7. Flora

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D7

    sup guys! turns out! I am really bad at keeping up with mafia with an adult life in general, PLUS 1) new kitten 2) passing away of old cat 3) passing away of old rat 4) acquisition of TWO new baby rat nieces and 5) the other stuff I've been doing with my time (d&d and fanfic writing, to be...
  8. Flora

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D7

    a) amorphous blob checks out b) oh, lord, so folks on telegram probably know but life has decided to gift me with a cat around the same time another is dying, and that combined with a still-going work schedule has made maf (esp. a game of this magnitude) v hard to partake in, f gonna be honest...
  9. Flora

    What's Your Name?

    PFFFFFFF- man why tf did I put my whole ass name on here. i oughta fix that. okay so like: legally my name is Rachel, and that's cool I don't have an issue with it per se but I've been using Chel online for reasons including Grumping About Work In Places No One Will Find Me and I'm very fond of...
  10. Flora

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D7

    god this is the funniest mason claim I've ever read, thank you eifie. also MAN this game moves fast
  11. Flora

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D7

    oh whoops I! was playing animal crossing and suddenly three pages of posts yeah it's! very strange that only one person died in this gigundo mafia game. unless there's, like, multiple scum factions and all but one opted to not murder? mafia is confusion also, whoa, way too early to lynch, why this
  12. Flora

    Your Favourite Video Games

    EIGHT YEARS LATER: TWEWY is def up there!! It's incredibly fun no matter what system I'm playing it on, and the characters are...really good... Also, if you have talked to me for any length of time in the past eight months (thanks hyperfixations) this won't be a surprise, but dragon quest...
  13. Flora

    Guess who's back. Same nerd different gender

    “Same nerd different gender” oh that’s a BIG mood my friend. welcome back!!!!
  14. Flora

    ASB database no longer working...

    I think Trinket said the forum update messed with the database, yeah
  15. Flora

    What Games Are You Playing?

    well, it WAS veryvery slowly until the hero got announced for smash, and then I hit the game’s halfway point and whizzed through it because I couldn’t put it down. and then I beat it. Twice. (Please play dqxi it’s one of my faves and one of very few games where I cried MORE upon a second...
  16. Flora


    So the governor is now mandating shutdowns, with NASTY repercussions for not cooperating unless your business is “life-sustaining.” Which apparently mine is, cause apparently we count as pesticides???? I don’t understand. I feel like this categorization slash decision-to-not-close-these will...
  17. Flora

    Open Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    At the back of the line of recruits stands a rather skittish little Cleffa. She rubs her little nub hands together nervously, murmuring to herself, "Come on, Tora, make your mums proud...." She steps into the guild proper, approaching the desks. "Um, hello, I'm...Tora...and I'm here to join the...
  18. Flora


    So it turns out my concerns about this affecting the industry were wrong, because we are now FLOODED with stores asking if their orders can get moved up. Amazing. supposedly they’re re-evaluating our situation on a daily basis, but I honestly think (judging from some comments I heard from...
  19. Flora

    Create Stuff & Chill

    I’ve been writing a lot lately, and not even original fiction, which has sorta been my wheelhouse for a while; it’s fanfiction, which is wild to me because I’ve been really hesitant to write fic for years (scared of writing canon characters wrong) and suddenly I have all the ideas. It’s magical...
  20. Flora

    (Open) Ultra Mystery Dungeon

    nothin wrong with a chonky character sheet. means you got a lot of ideas!!