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  1. Eloi

    Post amusingly bad old stories of yours!

    (Inspired by this: http://www.dragonflycave.com/tqftl/?c=molrai) Just post old stories you have laying around, have fun with it yourself, or let others do it for you, or just go around making snarky comments about amusingly bad old stories. Anyway, here is an old Pokemon trainer fic I wrote...
  2. Eloi

    Purpose of Living?

    I am extremely open to all theistic and atheistic viewpoints if there can be a convincing argument for a 'why' to continue to living under that worldview. And when I say a 'why' I don't mean just "a purpose given by X" but I am interested also in hearing irreligious 'whys' like "you should live...
  3. Eloi

    Chewbacca Defense Debate Thread

    Use the Chewbacca Defense to debate against an argument from the above poster, than give a sensible argument for the below poster to give such a defense against. If you aren't aware what a Chewbacca Defense is, this will be helpful: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChewbaccaDefense...
  4. Eloi

    Pokemon Special: Orre Chapter [The Disappearance of the Dexholders]

    Pokemon Special: Orre Chapter [The Disappearance of the Dexholders] Pokemon Special: Orre Chapter [The Disappearance of the Dexholders] is set in the Pokemon Special manga universe (a.k.a. Pokemon Adventures) and follows the mysteries and adventures found in the region of Orre. Professor Oak...
  5. Eloi

    Team Planning (Need Help)

    In December, I am going to start my plans concocted this month for a competitive team. Here's the problem: no idea how to do it. Here is my vague plan: ->Power-level 2 Pokemon in Emerald. ->Power-level 2 Pokemon in Diamond. ->Power level 2 Pokemon in HeartGold. So, which Pokemon do I raise...
  6. Eloi


    ~~GUIDE FOR ORIGINALFLAVOR POKEMON FANFICTION~~ QUESTIONS ON THE GUIDE WHAT IS THIS GUIDE? This guide is to help for Pokemon Fan Fiction to be more in line with the spirit and flavor of the actual franchise. While differently-flavored fiction can be pretty awesome (see also: Morphic and The...
  7. Eloi

    Rape As Comedy--Should it be allowed?

    I was flipping through the channels last night, and I found a stand-up act, watched the routine, and rape was the comedic subject. I thought it was horrible, and don't think rape should be used in comedy. Do you think I'm overreacting, or should rape be off-limits in the realm of comedy?
  8. Eloi

    In Progress Metamorphic Emprise

    Here is my fanfic, Metamorphic Emprise, that follows the tales of Lucille the Dewgong, Alex the Pokémon Trainer, and Jackie the Pokémon Ranger, and the changes they experience over the course of the story, some physical, others mental. Set in a hybrid of Pokemon Games canon and Pokemon Special...
  9. Eloi

    Need Help: Canon vs Original Stuff

    I got alot of problems with a fan fic I'm writing. I got most of the characters and main plot elements down, but things like plot structure and setting are eluding me: I'm not sure whether to make it in the guise of a trainer fic, or more of an international mystery. I'm not sure if I'm...