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  1. Zero Moment

    Happy Birthday for two!

    Though a couple hours late, Superbird and I turned 19 today. I went out to eat with my parents and bought Overwatch. Is good day.
  2. Zero Moment

    Five years of TCoD

    Being a part of all this tea and cod... it fills me with determination.
  3. Zero Moment

    Happy tcodversary to me

    Wow. I can't believe I've been here a whole two years. People have come, people have gone, and I'm still here. I can't help but wonder exactly what possessed me to finally join the day after Christmas.
  4. Zero Moment

    Weird .zip problems?

    [Context: This was about Homestuck's album, Vol. 8, and this is a conversation on the MSPA forum] Can anyone help me with this strange problem? It's never happened before so I don't know what to do :( Pretty sure this is the right forum...
  5. Zero Moment

    Coloursfalling down drunk

    Today is Coloursfall's 21st birthday! Making him legal to drink alcohol in the States. Give him stuff. Or don't. Doesn't matter, has beer. Stay thirsty, my friend, and may the booze be with you.
  6. Zero Moment

    School's out!

    So my first year at my high school has come to a close. I had some good times, some bad times, and some alright times. I finished with (hopefully) nothing lower than a C. Overall, this year has been pretty good. So what about you guys? Anyone else's school year over yet?
  7. Zero Moment

    Oh damn

    I completely missed my one-year anniversary at TCoD! It was 3 days ago. But yeah, one-year anniversary, woo! I've been here longer than my nephew has been alive. EDIT: Oh shit 4013th post hell yes.
  8. Zero Moment


    What did you get this Christmas? ........ Lack of interenting opening paragtaph due to sleep deprivariin, qill edir later Also applies to Hanukkah, Festivus, ect. I'll post later, no presents yet :P
  9. Zero Moment

    Giving Thanks

    Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, a time of happiness, family, and (hopefully) nine days of no school. Millions of people are celebrating the things that they are glad to have- maybe they have a good income, or the newest in gaming technology, or just family. So whether you live in the...
  10. Zero Moment

    Puffy Oracles

    Puffy Oracles Floating gently in my dreams' skies Bestowing visions before my eyes Glimpses of the present, future, and past This sight you've given me, this spell you cast Showing meetings, laughter, and strife More than once, you've saved my life But now, with my dream self dead And I...
  11. Zero Moment

    "Security Token Missing"?

    Sometimes when I try to post, a little thing appears above the box saying something about a missing security token and not letting me post. This is fixed by Going Advanced, fortunately, so it's not a big deal, but I was just wondering what it meant. Oh, and it only happens when using my 3DS...
  12. Zero Moment

    Mafia Idea Center

    Σ Name pending: If anyone has a better idea, just post it here. I wanted to make a thread similar to the Idea Center, but providing ideas for Mafia games. So, here it is! inb4 someone joins the game...
  13. Zero Moment

    Quick Mafia (Day One)

    Roles set: PMs coming out soon.
  14. Zero Moment

    Quick Mafia

    First Mafia game I'm GMing! :D So I'll just do a standard Mafia Rules - No Alien - Ten players only. - Lynching is not required unless the game is going reeeeally slow. - Night actions must be turned in. You will be Modkilled if you do not send in your night actions for two nights in a row. -...
  15. Zero Moment

    Awesome movies to Recommend

    Do you have a movie that is awesome enough to recommend to all of tCoD? Post it here! My recommendation: Once. It has a lot of great music, and it's pretty moving. It's rated R, though, because it has lots of fuck in it.
  16. Zero Moment

    Annoying Error

    Recently, sometimes when I try to post/go to a different page a vBulletin message pops up and says something along the lines of: "The server is currently busy. Please try again later*." It's really annoying, it completely blocks access to any page of tCoD, and it has gone on for about half an...
  17. Zero Moment

    AquaSapphire and MagmaRuby?

    I have noticed that in Gen III there was a remake of Gen I and in Gen IV there was a remake of Gen II. Do you think there will be a remake of Gen III in Gen V? If so, post what you think the names are going to be.
  18. Zero Moment

    Hi Everyone

    Hey everybody I'm glad to be here. I visited tCoD a lot before I discovered these forums, and now I finally decided to join. Call me Legend, Seeker, or LS99, but never, EVER call me ls99. I hate that. A lot.