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  1. Elfin

    The Miasma: A Crystal Chronicles RP

    Yet another Final Fantasy RP! Aren't I original. >> The universe at large: Miasma was brought to the world centuries ago, when a strange meteor once crashed into the great crystal, which protected the world from all negative things. This gas is pure poison. If a person is in contact with it for...
  2. Elfin

    Tales of TCoD OOC/Signup thread

    NOTE: This is not my RP. It's Midnight's. I just got to make the OOC because I'm cool like that. The year is 2012. All is peaceful in the Cave of Dragonflies.. however, not all is well. There are some out there who desire the end of TCoD. Butterfree seems to have disappeared, and meanwhile...
  3. Elfin

    Zelda vs. Twilight vampires!

    This is a month-long debate I had with one of my friends, who is a rabid Twilight fan. (She's just as obsessed with it as I am about Zelda games, which is a lot.) Eventually, it involved the goddess' from Zelda, Dracula, Sonic, about 37 Pokemon, and a flock of giant flying naked mole rats. But I...
  4. Elfin

    Suggestions Hide the children, it's hideous!!

    Yay, now it's time for some weird "art". For the most part, all my drawings are just in pencil, because I'm lazy like that. Well, hope you like them! So, suggestions? Advice? Compliments? Hate mail? Go ahead. I'm really not pretending to be Michelangelo here. ^^ It was around two in the...
  5. Elfin

    Pikachu / Imakuni ; which is cuter?

    Which is cuter, Pikachu, or Imakuni? I'm really hoping you know who Pikachu is. This is Imakuni.
  6. Elfin

    I'm back!

    Fwee! The forum's back, yay! Did'ja miss me?!:p So, now what? Well, hi everyone.