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    One-Shot Something Like Fate

    She read the stories. Had she really written them less than a year ago? It was as if they were from a different lifetime. Or a different person altogether. Had she really felt like that, once upon a time? The scars on her arms were long gone, replaced by hangul and Sharpie drawings of...
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    http://riddul.com/ Has anyone heard of this game? It's somewhat similar to The Clue Game, but involves searching for clues in the element and source of the page. I find it pretty addictive but also SUPER frustrating. (I can't even count my ragequits :P) It's a good time-waster and is immensely...
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    So I'm sorta curious as to what the general Kpop opinion is here. Like? Love? Hate? I myself LOVE Kpop. My favorite group of all time is NU'EST, but BIGBANG and U-KISS are up there too. Don't even get me started XP So what do you think?
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    One-Shot Fingers Flying

    PG-13 for swearing. The girl sat in the corner of the Acura, fingers flying across her screen, texting. Her dark hair fell over her face, obscuring her eyes from view. She grinned as her twin brother turned on the car radio, and hummed along to Not Over You. Someone knocked on the driver's...
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    I Write Poetry Stuff

    I walked the edge I watched you fall Away from the world Away from it all I looked below I saw your wings I watched you fly I heard you sing You called to me in every dream Struck my shelter and pulled at my seams I fought your cry each lonely night, Resisted your will and put up a fight. You...
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    You're Banned

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    One-Shot Stay Grounded

    A response to Flyer Fox. You once told me you watched everyone fly away. I once told you you were the best friend I never had. The one who was always there for me, the one I could count on. You gave me a shoulder to cry on and arms to fall into. What did I ever do to deserve you? I could...
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    One-Shot Little Miss Know-it-All

    I liked you from the first day. You made me laugh, made me smile when I was down. We joked. around. There was always something that 'clicked' about us. Or so I thought. What happened? These days, all we do is fight and argue. What happened to you? It's seems like all you want to do now is...
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    In Progress Emoshots

    Just a very short little one-shot. She lay there, on the cold kitchen tiles, staring at her arm. The marks were still there, brown against the pale skin of her forearm. The girl glanced at her nails, sharp and dirty. She smiled, and ran her thumb across the edges before gripping her left...
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    The Association Game...Reborn!

    The other game was getting past 1,000 posts, so. I'll start: Riptide.
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    The Silence Game 2.0

    *explains that to play this game, all actions must be put in *'s, and no actions of sound are allowed* *restarts game*
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    I has an Idea!

    So I have the opposite problem fron Sandstone-Shadow! I can never find inspiration. I was thinking maybe this would work: people throw out ideas and I take them all and roll 'em into one big story :D I've done this with my friends and it was really fun. So what do you think of this? If you think...
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    So...I'm looking for advice on drawing Anime-Style eyes. Thing is, when I draw eyes...they don't always look like eyes. I'm working on a project with the main characters from a bunch of my favorite books (specifically Katniss, Max Ride, and Cassia Reyes), and I can't get the eyes right. Really...
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    What Program Do You Use

    I'm getting kind of frustrated with my MS Paint. I was wondering if there were any FREE programs of a similar nature that I could try out.
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    The Lord of the Rings Club

    I felt that this forum was in desperate need of one of these, so um...yeah. Anyway, my favorite characters are: 1. Legolas 2. Gandalf 3. Gimli 4. Sam Members List Everglider Cloudy Elliekat Ashton van Helsing Phantom Mockingjay Epicpeanut
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    Suggestions sometimes i doodle

    Most of this stuff is already in my albums, But I figure more people will see it here and I'll get more critique/comments. These are all drawn on paper, scanned, and colored in on the computer. I'm in the act of recoloring these, because before I was really lazy and all I did was use the...
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    Requests Open The Place Where You Request Stuff

    So I don't know if this will work, but I was thinking people could put up requests and pretty much anyone could take them. This would be good for people who are just looking for a casual project or whatever. I've put in a form, but of course you can add other categories if necessary. Artist...
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    Quotes of Awesomeness

    Because I love these things way too much, here is the thread for quotes of awesomeness. (Song's custom user title.) From sakura's siggy.