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  1. Zyn

    Storytime of Epicness

    (ganked from here) Suggest a course of action, and I will draw it. YOU WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST CLEARING IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT. YOU ARE COLD, HUNGRY, SORE, AND BAREFOOT. WHAT DO YOU DO? >
  2. Zyn

    The Friend Code Thread

    Post all of your Friend Codes in this thread. =D Mine: ~~~DS: Pokémon Pearl: 2750 0221 6677 Animal Crossing: Wild World: Mario Kart: 5068 9074 5776 ~~~Wii: Pokémon Battle Revolution: Brawl:
  3. Zyn

    How many level 100s do you have?

    I made this thread on the last form lalala might as well make it again huh? Yeah I have uh 6 (Swampert, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Armaldo, Raichu, Gyrados). All of them I trained myself. :3
  4. Zyn

    Suggestions Zynstuffs

    Uhm. So. Reposting my artstuffs... Originalstuffs: Emisho the telekinetic Shadow the werewolf Akasaie the wingèd Vee the shapeshifter in werewolf form (+ Shadow) eri huntress a lenvow <3 Fanstuffs: Ike Palutena Angewomon The Storm of Souls Gregory Deegan, Spark, Dejah, Midna, Mia Fey and...
  5. Zyn

    Hey everybody~

    Hullo, hullo. I am Zyn. You may or may not know me as "that really quiet one who likes to draw." Maybe I'll post more in this incarnation of tCoD. Whooo knoooowssss