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  1. MewtwoInfinity

    Testing thread

    Testing my signature to see what it looks like~
  2. MewtwoInfinity

    DragonHeart's Drawings!

    The reptilian deer is the best, the others need some improvement. They are all good though! Scourge is awesome. Maybe look at some wolf anatomy guides to help with the reptile wolf things and look at photos of cats to help with Scourge, and with a little practice your drawings will look amazing...
  3. MewtwoInfinity

    Adventure Time

    I kinda like Marceline and Simon's (Ice King) story better than Finn and Jake's. That new episode was awesome. I read the comics too and they are pretty good. They are actually similar to the show unlike many comics based off of shows.
  4. MewtwoInfinity

    Metronome Success

    My best was Aeroblast, worst Splash. SPLASH, TWICE IN A ROW.
  5. MewtwoInfinity

    What are you reading? II

    I just finished reading The Cat Who Sang For the Birds. It's a children's book, but really good for a children's book. It actually is pretty interesting, I liked it a lot. It's kinda like how so many teens read Warriors, but I don't really like Warriors anymore. I'm not really sure why I read...
  6. MewtwoInfinity


    I had a dream where I was in a crowd of people cheering for an old dude just standing there. I decided to draw and randomly spun rapidly, then I teleported to an anime world with characters from many shows. Ash was there trying to swim, but some guy (I think he is from some weird kid's anime but...
  7. MewtwoInfinity

    Hello! I'm a New Person!

    Thanks for the welcomes and that awesome rainbow ditto! I like rainbow Pokemon. :D Time to go check out the Art Subforum! I forgot to mention that this is only my second forum and I have only been around the first for a little while. I'll probably make a traditional art thread once my scanner...
  8. MewtwoInfinity

    Hello! I'm a New Person!

    Hi, I'm MewtwoInfinity. I have been lurking around the site for a while and I decided to register. I enjoy traditional art although I am not that great of an artist, and I enjoy drawing Pokemon as they are usually really easy to draw. I also do Pokemon sprites and fusions and stuff like that but...