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  1. Solstice

    [Sign-ups/OOC] Revenge

    EDIT: Bah, messiness. :P I'll clean everything up when I can, but it would be useful to have the spoilers from Pokeboard. :P Okay, guys. I've been away from the roleplaying scene for quite a bit. Now, Cypher/Solstice. Why make a new roleplay while you left us hanging on another? Regarding...
  2. Solstice

    Weapons of Mass Exploitation

    Weapons of Mass Exploitation What this tool basically does is neuter iTunes so that it doesn't automatically send crash reports to Apple anymore (in fact, iTunes seems to do this secretly whether the iTunes interface is running or not, because iTunesHelper.exe is almost always running, to my...
  3. Solstice

    Minecraft Server

    Assuming we don't already have one, I can host a Minecraft server, for free, on my laptop. Basically, a dedicated server. Only thing that makes it a bit trickier is that to connect to it, you need to be connected to my Hamachi network, which requires LogMeIn Hamatchi. After you install it, I...
  4. Solstice

    Forum Userbars

    For lack of better place to put this (I'm not putting it in the Graphics section, because it wouldn't get noticed there anyways), I decided to make 5 userbars for this forum, for all 5 themes (not including the vBulletin theme). If you're going to use these here or on other forums, please give...
  5. Solstice

    Steam Group/TF2 Server

    So, as you can see in my signature, I have a link to the Pokeboard Steam Group (and possibly a Pokeboard server soon enough). What if I were to do the same for TCoD? Should I create a Steam Group for us? Also, a TF2 server. I have a free host. This free host has 4 hours of uptime before I need...
  6. Solstice

    [Shop] Cypher's PokeGen Shop

    PokeGen is a program that allows you bend a Pokemon to whatever you want, allowing you to give it max EVs, IVs, any move, any ability, etc. But this shop doesn't sell those haxxed Pokemon. Instead, I make and sell Pokemon that are useful for competitive battling or a playthrough. Now, I'm...
  7. Solstice

    Starting a Hail Team [PO OU Tier]

    Okay, so I decided to dig up my old laptop, and despite it being old and it's crappy performance, it runs PO just fine. So I decided to start going on there (you can PM me for a battle). Now, I have a challenge for you all. I do not specialize in weather teams, so I need your help. I need...
  8. Solstice

    Trick Room Ticks People Off

    Let's see. This team is awesome. It covers every type, and has immunity to Fire, Poison and Ground. If you don't believe me, go use Marriland's Team Builder. I'm keeping Heatmor. I don't give a damn about his stats. Deal with it. And finally, I omitted Natures. The team is already in the...
  9. Solstice

    The Endless Night [Sign-ups/OOC][Potential PG Rating]

    The Endless Night Notes The idea of reborns, humans reincarnated as newborn Pokemon (while retaining their memories), was created by srgeman, from fanfiction.net, in an attempt to create an original story with an overused Pokemon, Eevee. This attempt turned out to be a great success, getting...
  10. Solstice

    The Monotype Solo Run Challenge

    Welcome to the Monotype Solo Run Challenge! I'm sure the title gives it away, but... You must progress through a game with only one Pokemon, and you get to choose the type. One thing, though. Anyone else gets to pick your starter. For the challenge to be complete, all 17 types must have been...
  11. Solstice

    My Rain Dance Team

    I need some criticism on this. One of my friends on another forum commented that it could be taken down by a Ferrothorn, and I see that. This form will look different, due to the fact it's an edited version of my team that I posted on another forum. Finally, the reason why Ludicolo and...
  12. Solstice

    The Chrome OS

    It's almost here... June 15th, the Chrome Operating System is supposed to be released. It supposedly works on the Cloud, with your settings and files being able to be stored online. You can then go to any other 'Chromebook', sign in with your Google Account, and access your things from...
  13. Solstice

    Hacking, Jailbreaking, Modding- Wrong or Right

    My friend and I have come to a discussion- he thinks that hacking is completely wrong, and that a person doing such a thing would get arrested, while another can only comprehend hacking as cheating. I draw a line between legal modifying and illegal activities done with the same software or...
  14. Solstice

    iPhone App Reviews (2nd)- Angry Birds (Clickgamer.com & RovioMobile)

    Angry Birds is an incredible game much better than it's price makes it look (at $0.99). In the game, there are multiple levels and worlds featuring clips- In each, green pigs are attempting to steal birds' eggs- The birds make multiple attempts to stop them, using themselves as projectiles, each...
  15. Solstice

    iPhone App Reviews (1st)- N.O.V.A, N.O.V.A 2 (by Gameloft)

    N.O.V.A N.O.V.A 2 Recently, I decided to pick up an iTunes card from my local GameStop. When I arrived back home, I had found a fabulous First-Person Shooter (Which shall be referred as 'FPS') on the App Store of my iPpd Touch. I took a look at two games that caught my eyes - N.O.V.A...
  16. Solstice

    Open The Games

    James Ridi, a fourteen year old boy, one about to enter a world of the unknown. In this Earth, Pokemon is simply a game, a book, a fictional series. Who would've guessed that there was another Earth out there, one inhabited by these creatures? But not only that, but the home to a deadly- Wait...
  17. Solstice

    The Games [Sign-ups/OOC]

    A group of teenagers have received a mysterious e-mail; one from an address unknown to you. Some of these teenagers pass it off as spam, not bothering to read the e-mail. Others are oblivious to that fact that something might await for them. Only those who opened this e-mail go on this grand...
  18. Solstice

    Piracy- Your take on it

    Post here what you think of piracy. Do you pirate? Are you against it? Do you not give a crap? Discuss here. My take on piracy... I am neutral about it. I don't pirate, or anything of the like. 3 of my friends are pirates, though. :/ So I'd guess I'd say I have nothing against it.
  19. Solstice

    I've returned

    After continuous inactivity, I have returned, hopefully for good. So... Anyone miss me?
  20. Solstice

    Unactiveness has caught up with me

    Hey, everybody. I'm sure a few of you noticed (Silver and Oceanic, in particular) that I've been very unactive lately. Unfortunately, this is because of real life issues, the obbsession over my new iPod Touch, and the fact... I just can't see anything fun to do here. Being the roleplayer that...