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  1. Furretsu

    Selling Out

    FURRET'S CRAPPY POETRY LIVES HERE 8D The Siren Sings Masquerade in midnight morgue - a symphony sanguine sighs. The siren sings of seeking solace - but discord delivers her demise. Festivals of flowers and fruit - these wishes woven within. Lovers lay, lost in their longing - shadowed by...
  2. Furretsu

    Review: Within Temptation - Black Symphony

    Regardless of your own opinions concerning Within Temptation, it is hard to deny that their journey throughout the years has been an intriguing one. Alongside other symphonic metal veterans Therion, Rain Fell Within, and Nightwish, the six-piece Dutch act has come a long way from its...
  3. Furretsu

    The Best Album Ever

    I think it's Tristania's World of Glass... god, I love it so much. When I first heard it, I thought it was complete garabge. Songs started slowly opening up to me as I listened to it more, and now I'm in love with each and every song on the album individually. It's very atmospheric with...
  4. Furretsu

    Gaia Online

    Yeah if you don't play it/like it I don't care, make an anti-topic if you want >:| Those of you who do use it, post your usernames here. :D Mine is ShiningGlass. Really need to mess around with my profile more. ; ;
  5. Furretsu

    Find a picture more kvlt than this...

    ... and I will give you ten dollars.
  6. Furretsu

    House House House House HOUSE

    Greatest show ever or greatest show ever? Discuss how much Wilson's bitterness towards House is totally heartbreaking </3 They are soulmates wtf are the writers trying to torture us
  7. Furretsu

    T-Mobile to Announce Google Phone Sept. 23

  8. Furretsu

    Ten most common misconceptions regarding musical critique.

    From here...
  9. Furretsu

    Tales of Ithiria

    Haggard's new album. Just got it. Fantastic. Anyone else? =P
  10. Furretsu

    Inkubus Sukkubus

    Sexy Pagan-inspired gothic rock that's been around for quite a while now. Everyone should check them out because they fucking rule. Example
  11. Furretsu

    Music tastes link to personality

  12. Furretsu

    Fuck Palin

    (don't move this to the fucking debating hall I can't post in there)
  13. Furretsu

    Mamma Mia!

    .. is the best movie ever and I'm not freaking kidding omfg it is perfect in every way if you don't go see it or haven't seen it you're an uncultured idiot whose opinion should never be taken seriously redeem yourself while there is still time (btw totally buying like 800 copies of the...
  14. Furretsu

    Is removing overflow:auto; from the signaure div a possibility?

    It would certainly save everyone a lot of trouble. For those who don't understand -- instead of aesthetically sickness-inducing scrollbars, long signatures would just be cut off.
  15. Furretsu

    Which of these titles sounds most appealing?

    Just... wondering. You don't need to know the song - just vote based on which title sounds most appealing to you. And if you do by some chance know these songs, don't vote based on them.
  16. Furretsu

    Idolizing people - is it healthy?

    Thread title says it all, basically. The past few weeks, I keep catching myself looking up Shirley Manson images, videos, interviews, etc. without realizing it. I model my actions by thinking about how she would handle a situation. It's really really weird. I dunno. Should I be worried?
  17. Furretsu

    Bohemian Rhapsody - Emilie Autumn cover just released

    You can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCcnubpAtYg Can't wait for this EP. :D
  18. Furretsu

    Post here and Furret will give you a theme song.

    Because I'm bored. :[ And also need to spread some music! NOTE THAT IF YOU REQUESTED ALREADY BUT IT'S NOT UP, check page 6. If you posted before then, you'll need to post again. Sorry. Also be sure to mention genres/qualities you want in a theme song, unless I know you well. xD Post away. =D...
  19. Furretsu


    Anybody here heard of them/like them? I was actually recommended them a while ago by a friend, and let's just say I've never doubted said friend since. I never thought I would find myself liking this kind of music, but holy crap, I think Angelspit has opened up the entire world of...