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  1. Mhaladie

    First semester results~

    Hooray~ That A- in math was by the skin of my teeth, though. Phew.
  2. Mhaladie

    Read More Poems!

    I have a secret: I like poetry. I was never all that interested in it, actually, before this year. I thought it was ok, I'd read it if someone showed me a cool poem or whatever, but I never wrote poems and I didn't know any poets and didn't read poetry that much. Then, sometime last year I...
  3. Mhaladie

    Woah, I am actually not new!

    Right. Not new, but as I've been gone for a number of months, I figured I'd re-introduce myself, seeing as... I wanted to. I'm Mhaladie, which is pronounced like the word "malady" (MAH-la-dee), not "my lady", "ma-hal-ah-dee", or any other variation. I don't care if you shorten it, call me Mhal...
  4. Mhaladie

    In Progress Life and Story: Dahlia

    So I started writing this story a few days ago and figured hey, why not post it. It's Phoenix Wright fanfiction, and focuses on the life of one Dahlia Hawthorne, because I am totally obessed with her character and thought it could make a good story. I haven't written anything besides formal...
  5. Mhaladie

    Mhals writes poems?

    Yeah I do, actually. However they are actually quite terrible but I want to post them anyway. I only have a couple right now, though I've written more, I just don't have them with me at the moment and I don't have them memorized, so. This one is really dumb, but I can write it here because it's...
  6. Mhaladie

    Art... Thread?

    Hooray, I can plaster my stupid wonderful pictures all over the internet for people to look at. Well... um, I guess not really "all over the internet", more like "all over this thread at TCoD", but I can say it's all over the internet if I want to. BUT. Welcome to my art thread. I will put...
  7. Mhaladie

    Introduction again?

    It's Mhals. Feel free to continue to call me that. I changed my name, as you can see, but it's still me~ (Hehe, rhyme.) My name actually was originally like this, but a friend of mine started calling me Mhals and it was nice, so I called myself Mhals when I first registered here. I feel like...