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  1. Mhaladie

    Rainbow Factory

    Aaaaaah those are so great. Noooot that I actually know what they're from? But I do enjoy seeing the AT kids crossed over with other things/done in a bit of a different style so I like them very much nonetheless. Actually I like that about all your pictures/little sketches of the AT crew done...
  2. Mhaladie


    ): I had noticed that it hadn't been updated in a while.. I will try extra hard to keep on the lookout for nice things that happen in my life and try to submit them!
  3. Mhaladie


    ! I didn't know Microprogressions was by someone from here. I've enjoyed it for some time now. :3 And I have a tumblr too, I update it very sporadically, sometimes I reblog things (of very varied natures), and occasionally I post pictures I've drawn... I've done that a bit in the past few days...
  4. Mhaladie

    Rainbow Factory

    I think you should know that this thread gave me the final kick I needed to watch a bit of Adventure Time and it's great! So thank you for your excellent fanart, without it I wouldn't have the joy of another excellent cartoon in my life. :) Also these two are generally super cute. I'd heard of...
  5. Mhaladie

    Behind the Avatar, Redux

    Aha Dannichu thank you for posting the most group-like expo pictures so I can just post ones of myself!! :D (oops am I allowed to do that, sorry, I am self-centered.) You all think Dannichu is so adorable. But she is actually /mean/ look how ruthless she is here, see the anguish on my face. And...
  6. Mhaladie

    Teachers/Parents and Dorkiness

    The school I used to go to was pretty much nerd central for both students and teachers, so I'd be willing to bet a fair number of teachers I had have numerous nerdy pastimes that I don't even know about. I have heard that this year, several of the teachers have formed a D&D group and play weekly...
  7. Mhaladie


    Re: POSITIVE BODY FEATURES THREAD II opal you truly have the most gorgeous hands of anyone on this earth. Sometimes I tell you this and feel I'm being creepy but it's so truuuuuuue! And Dannichu I can't believe you didn't mention being left-handed. About myself I like... um, pretty much...
  8. Mhaladie


    I believe Filip and Cirrus are coming to Oxford to see me from the 13th to the 15th (alas. Although realistically my room isn't that big, it might get a little crowded if you were all staying anyway...), and my exams are (mostly) the week before that, so if you were lacking a place to stay right...
  9. Mhaladie

    When do you start school?

    I don't think I actually start until October 9th... but I'm moving to England for university from the US, so I'm headed over there quite a bit earlier than that, around the 24th of September. Still quite a ways off!
  10. Mhaladie

    Avatar is back.

    I am super super thrilled for this. All the information that's been released looks so excellent; Korra kind of looks like the most badass Avatar ever, I love her polar bear sort of animal she rides on, I love that Aang and Zuko founded a city, I love that there are three little airbender...
  11. Mhaladie

    Doctor Who Club

    I have just watched a good amount of new-Doctor-Who in the last month or so! (Still have to see the last few episodes of S5, and I missed some of the first half of S6 when it was on TV... although I've been pretty well spoiled for it.) I have found it to be pretty excellent. Count it among the...
  12. Mhaladie

    Eysenck personality test

    I mostly seem boring..? :D? Kind of low numbers in everything. (Could be because I noticed I put a lot of conflicting answers. Maybe I'm just confused??)
  13. Mhaladie

    The "Fwee" thread II

    Dee, you're actually the most adorable. Absolutely. Good work!!
  14. Mhaladie

    Academic discipline of choice

    Um! Well, embarrassingly, I didn't actually know off the top of my head what units "Wb" and "Tesla" were for... (Well, Tesla I remembered after a second, but I don't think I ever used the Weber, especially because flux is rarely a final result... in my experience.) I know, so bad, but I didn't...
  15. Mhaladie

    Academic discipline of choice

    I used to be interested in pretty much every subject ever and couldn't imagine deciding on one thing to study. And then I found my One True Love in physics. I guess I'd always thought physics ideas were interesting (like the rest of the world I was/am like "ahhhhh quantum mechanics seems soooooo...
  16. Mhaladie

    opal linked me your post in the Fwee thread about you coming to America (and seeing two of your...

    opal linked me your post in the Fwee thread about you coming to America (and seeing two of your best friends?! :D :D You know, I remember way back when I started talking to you and you talked about Sarah, who you introduced as your best friend, and I remember thinking "I hope that I'm good...
  17. Mhaladie

    o frabjous day

    I'm so glad. :3
  18. Mhaladie

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I wasn't all that active here anymore, but I'd heard rumors that everyone on TCoD was obsessed with this new My Little Pony cartoon, so I decided to check it out. By the next day I'd watched all 15 episodes, and loved every minute of it~ And I've recently spent all my spare time drawing ponies...
  19. Mhaladie

    Bluuuuuu! Hey. I saw a picture on dA just now that reminded me of my badly-worded comments on...

    Bluuuuuu! Hey. I saw a picture on dA just now that reminded me of my badly-worded comments on your phoenix picture. This is what I meant by scattered and varied stars. Not like you have to have a background like that... that's just kind of what I meant, you know? I don't know if you've seen...
  20. Mhaladie

    YAYYYY! I'm so excited for you!!! Gail is an excellent, excellent name, especially if she's...

    YAYYYY! I'm so excited for you!!! Gail is an excellent, excellent name, especially if she's fish-like. I expect pictures! By the by, I have decided on naming my laptop Ariadne. I haven't gotten your add request on Skype, I think... what is your username? Mine, like for everything else, is...