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  1. OrngSumb

    Dungeons And Dragons Monster Mafia

    So I thought this would be interesting. Take iconic monsters and some not so known ones and turn them into Mafia roles! Hoping for about 15 players at least. Roles may or may not be bastard-y. No out of thread communication unless you're Mafia also. Just in case people were wondering. So...
  2. OrngSumb

    Black And White Status Thread

    So Platinum and HG/SS have a status thread so I'm surprised Black and White haven't gotten one yet. Just beat Elesa, continuing on towards Driftveil. Time: 11:28 Seen: 47 Obtained: 24 Party: boldore Lv. 29 herdier Lv. 23 servine Lv. 23 petilil Lv. 23 timburr Lv. 23 tranquill Lv. 26 This is...
  3. OrngSumb

    Multi-Generational PokeMafia! (Mafia Win)

    Role PMs are being sent out right now. Just some rules Flavor text will most likely be relevant All night actions are required. If not sent in I will randomize. If you do not post in the thread during the day 2 days in a row I will kill you DO NOT POST YOUR ROLE PM!!! I WILL IMMEDIATELY KILL...
  4. OrngSumb

    Multi-Generational PokeMafia! (Secret Roles)

    Hey trying this again. This time I'm throwing in the theme of Pokemon. Still sticking with secret roles. I'm not gonna but a number on it quiet yet but would love to at least hit 18. May or may not have an alien depending on the numbers.
  5. OrngSumb

    Just Mafia (Alien Win)

    Role PMs are out. Basic rules: Unless specified you MUST use your night action All night actions that aren't sent in will be randomized No out of thread communication unless stated in your PM If you do not post in the thread at least once during a day phase you will be auto-killed at the end...
  6. OrngSumb

    Just Mafia [Secret Roles]

    Just plain ole' Mafia. No theme just regular human stuff. There are secret roles and not all of them are common. Need about 18 players. The more the merrier!
  7. OrngSumb

    Closed Evil Ways

    Alright this is for only the people who got invites to this. You know who you are. Rules: No Godmoding. No time control. You can control an NPC as long as it's nothing major. I'll do that. You can have relationships if they are agreed upon by the other. We will be traveling all together so try...
  8. OrngSumb

    American Big Brother Club

    Alright straight up simple. Discuss or moan and groan about the American Big Brother TV show. Who do you like this season? Who do/did you want gone? Where is the banana suit?! Rules: 1. Discussion must pertain to the AMERICAN Big Brother. Sorry Brits. 2. I know people who go and read spoilers...
  9. OrngSumb

    Gotta Love The Classics

    Alright so I got an email one day about this survey I could do online. At the end of the survey was a $15 gift certificate for some online stores. One happened to be www.barewalls.com which specializes in art and posters. Well I just redid my room and need some stuff to cover my walls. As I was...
  10. OrngSumb

    Chance of a LIFETIME!

    Alright so I've been in this huge depression lately. Well my friend from my church camp got on and started talking to me. She told me how all my camp friends cared and loved me. Then she told me that they talked about me this year. I didn't go to camp. And they all agreed I would make an amazing...
  11. OrngSumb

    Dream Come True.

    Alright so I'm like bouncing off the walls right now I'm soooo happy. I've had this....ambition/dream....to get one of my ears pierced for like ever. Well my friend's mom said she would do it for free (and provide the earring) as long as my mom said that she could. So I asked my mom today. And...
  12. OrngSumb

    Suggestions The Orange Graphic Arts Thread

    All creations were made with Paint.NET (ah my lover). I've been doing them for about a year now and Zim Del Invasor loves them so I guess I'll post some. Comments are welcome. Black And White Disco Gang Sign? Raging Fire The New Matrix My Avvy The Hole Balloon Accident? New Moon My Dear Mona...
  13. OrngSumb

    Guten Tag

    Hey everybody. I was Dark Octopus back on the forums before the databased took a big dump. So yea now the forums are very....empty. Time to rebuild!