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  1. Eifie

    On Combos

    I was literally just talking about this like yesterday or something, but would it be a huge problem to somewhat steal from Smogon lmao because I liked this thing that I saw there and I thought maybe we could apply it to combos (or recharge moves because I think not having (re)charge actions is...
  2. Eifie

    On Combos

    I'd like to write a useful, long post, but really what I want to say is just a few sentences, so: I like the idea of what uv is saying in theory, but then I think it brings up the issue of like... in that example, it is not really worth the use of a combo to poison your opponent. I think that...
  3. Eifie

    On Combos

    I think this is actually much more a balance issue than a flavour issue. Like, as combos presently stand, you could pull off a powerful, lower-priority combo on the first action of a round and immediately follow up with a priority move to finish off an opponent who still has a decent amount of...