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  1. eevee_em

    I've discovered a completely irrelevant glitch in gen V

    So last night I was playing White 2 while watching the news when something very interesting happened. I was going around defeating wild Pokemon with my Liepard, Lia, while looking for ones I hadn't caught for my Pokedex. Lia knows Assist, which I love to use when training because randomness is...
  2. eevee_em

    D/P/Pt Basic Battle Frontier Team

    Here's a team I put together for the Platinum battle frontier. Its the fiurst team I've ever made, so I figured I'd get it rated to make sure it didn't have to many mistakes. Milotic@ Leftovers Marvel Scale Modest:252 Sack./ 252 Sdef./ 6 HP Surf Ice Beam Recover ??? The strategy here is...
  3. eevee_em

    In Progress Articeon

    My first Pokemon fanfic. Its about an Eevee who is stolen by Team Rocket and turned into a cross between a Glaceon and an Articuno. Comments appreciated. Read on: Prologue: Flareon watched as her three children played on the living room floor. It seemed like yesterday when she had named them...