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    Icelandic name trial

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21280101 Seriously, Iceland? This just seems to be a bit far... Obviously she won the court case, which is good, but the rules seem silly in the first place.
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    [PHP] MySQL problem

    For all my sins, I'm using PHP to code a little pet project to try and get me to get back into coding, but I've stumbled at one of the first hurdles and can't identify what the problem is. Basically, User A signs up to the service and receives a unique ID number and verification code, and for...
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    Learning to scratch

    Okay, so, I'm trying to learn to scratch because I have time on my hands to kill and it's something cool. So I've been doing mostly established Pokémon but as I get better I'm going to try to do some fake ones, but yeah. Comments and especially tips on how to make them look more realistic would...
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    Fourth Inheritance book came out on Tuesday. Finished reading it the day before yesterday, it was incredible. That ending was so sad! Discuss :D inb4 starwars
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    [PHP] Syncing main site and forum

    As part of a revamp I'm enacting at my site, I'm introducing a few new features. What I want to do though is have them as interactive and user-based, and it just seems clumsy to have to sign up to the forum and sign up to the site separately. So I was wondering if any of you could give me any...
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    I really can't describe how excited I am at the moment. Basically, last week, I asked my English teacher whether I could put on a performance of a Shakespeare play (something which I've wanted to do for so long it's unbelievable) and she not only said yes, but that she'd do anything she could to...
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    PHP Link Update

    Basically, I've developed my own blog script for use on the site that I help maintain, and every time I write a post, the MySQL postid number increments, and that's how you access the post (blog.php?id=1, etc). The only problem with this is that I have to manually update the links to each...
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    I'm taking my DipABRSM, I've decided, and today, my teacher and I decided on the pieces that I was going to take for it. Bear in mind that I have to perform for 35 minutes solid, give or take 10%. Anyway, the pieces we chose were: - Beethoven, Sonata in F Minor, Op. 2, No. 1 (app. 20 mins) -...
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    Her new album, 21 was released the other day, so I instantly bought it. It was astoundingly good. Anybody else like Adele? For those of you who don't know what she sounds like, either YouTube her or, if you're in the UK, go here: click
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    Because my Physics teacher is incapable of explaining things like this, or fobs me off saying that "you study this at A-Level", I was wondering whether you guys could help me with some Physics stuff. Firstly, what actually is a volt? I hear the term "potential difference" which makes me think...
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    Various GCSE results

    Because of this whole "controlled assessment" thing, we get GCSE results as we do the exams. And I got three back today. English Language (7.5% of the whole GCSE) - 100% (A*) French Speaking (12.5% of the whole GCSE) - 96% (A*) French Writing (12.5% of the whole GCSE) - 100% (A*) I'm really...
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    Quadratic Formula

    I've been asked by my maths teacher to teach the class the quadratic formula on Monday. And to make things more informative I've decided to show how to derive the original equation. Now, these are the workings I've got, but I just want to know whether they're correct or not so I don't make a...
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    PHP/MySQL questions

    For my Westminster RPG, I'm coding a website to enhance the Election Night. Basically, I enter the results of the election into a MySQL database, and I can recall that with no problem. But, I want to do something different with it: is it possible to create a completely new HTML page for each set...
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    Sherlock Mafia

    Shamely reposted: This is roughly based on the recent TV series Sherlock, which I personally adored. Forgive me if some of the roles are rather obscure. A list of which roles are which, in relation with Buttefree's thread: MAFIA Don: Moriarty Goons: Criminals Terrorist: Terrorist INNOCENT...
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    Alex Day/nerimon

    I started looking through his videos after his analysis of the UK Election this year, and he's a genius! My favourite video. Oh God, and this one!
  16. Lorem Ipsum

    Sherlock Mafia

    This is roughly based on the recent TV series Sherlock, which I personally adored. Forgive me if some of the roles are rather obscure. A list of which roles are which, in relation with Buttefree's thread: MAFIA Don: Moriarty Goons: Criminals Terrorist: Terrorist INNOCENT Inspector: Sherlock...
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    Introducing love

    I'm about halfway through writing my novel, "The Cloud-Capped Towers", and I have one main problem. It's incredibly cliché, I know, but the main male character is meant to find the main female character attractive and fall in love with her. Only problem is, I don't know how to introduce it...
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    Ratification of stuff

    This is one area that I have no clue about, and need enlightenment about as part of my role on a different forum. Basically, with international treaties and conventions (I'm looking particularly at the Convention on the Continental Shelf and UNCLOS that follows that), to ratify them, does the...
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    Grade 8

    I passed (only a pass though, which I was slightly disappointed with)! Yay for Grade 8 piano - it's either Grade 8 organ or performance diploma now :D
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    My new love is Twitter - it's awesome! Post your Twitter accounts here if you have them. http://twitter.com/ShadyStickman