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  1. Bluberry Bat

    [Tier II] Raguda City Gym

    Raguda City Gym Badge: Psypher Badge Raguda city is, at best, the seedy neon underbelly of the region – nestled within the belly of an ancient, fog-covered, long inactive volcano, and forever free of sunlight. Instead, the buildings, lamps, and even streets themselves are laced in a variety of...
  2. Bluberry Bat

    Old Foxhog is Old

    That's right, Mike is old. oooold, LOLOLD, let's all point and laugh how old he is. Arh ha ha ha ha, old. ...But seriously Mikeh, happy birfday, you lovable fluffikins you :3c (AND 19 ISN'T OLD YOU NUMPTY *cane waggle*)
  3. Bluberry Bat

    Zora vs. Cherry: The Drunkening Strikes Back (in 4D)

    TEAM ZORA [Cyndra] Cyndaquil (F) Ability: Blaze [Sheila] Vulpix (F) @Fire Stone Ability: Flash Fire [Hera] Ralts (F) Ability: Synchronize [Shiia] Chinchou (F) Ability: Volt Absorb [Frost] Eevee (M) Ability: Adaptability [Haven] Eevee (M) Ability: Adaptability [Sedgwick] Teddiursa (M)...
  4. Bluberry Bat

    The Shuffle Theme-song Generator... Game

    (Dear gods what am I doing in forum games, well this is just far too addicting to do, so listen up~ :3c ) 1) Load your entire applicable music library 2) Set player of choice to Shuffle 3) Whatever comes up next is your theme song as noted by the previous poster 4) Post it, herp. :3c Commentary...
  5. Bluberry Bat

    Winds of Change (PMD Dual-RP) [OOC/Signups]

    This is an experimental Dual-RP set in the PMDverse run by L'il Dwagie, Big Red Cherry Bomb, Moon-Panther, and Dark Shocktail. Please bear with us and read carefully~ {Story} Three weeks ago, the world began to change. An unknown affliction, which affected the minds of those it struck, turning...
  6. Bluberry Bat

    Sticky notes are actually quite inconvinient...

    Yeah.. /Finally/ going to make a thread on this, it's starting to irk me a lot. :c Here's the deal, for about.. heck, half a year now, I've had this odd bug where my overhead CP lists me as having one Notification, of the Visitor Message sort. It happened back when the database was still VERY...
  7. Bluberry Bat

    Blastoise vs. blazheirio889

    Blastoises Active Team: [Huskington] Shedinja [X] Ability: Wonder Guard [Hippocampus] Slowpoke [M] Own Tempo Item: King's Rock [China] Bronzor [X] Levitate Signature Attribute: A Good Polishing [Koutus] Electrike [F] Static [Kergen] Mankey [F] Vital Spirit [Coronada] Misdreavus [F]...
  8. Bluberry Bat

    The Hate Machine

    The Hate Machine ♠♠♠♠♠♠ Some people just have no holiday spirit, you figure; love certainly isn't in the air around this little booth in the secluded areas of the shadier parts of the Safari Zone boardwalk. This sickly green-looking booth looks to have just opened, a less-than-enthusiastic...
  9. Bluberry Bat

    Sable's Daycare Centre

    Out on the edges of ASB Central, the land opens up from the crowded city environment to open fields of a variety of landscapes. It is here an exceptionally large, fenced in area is set up - the fence seemingly covering plains, hills, water, forests, even craggy parts of an area with volcanic...
  10. Bluberry Bat

    Wii update 4.2 reportedly bricking consoles

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/95118-Wii-4-2-Update-Reportedly-Trashing-Consoles So why am I bothering to post this when I clearly have an aversion to the console? Well, I can't help but be amazed by Nintendo these days. Let's look at what's wrong with this whole picture. A)...
  11. Bluberry Bat

    Crazy Linoone versus Mikeh dah Fawkshog

    Mysterious .20€ coin that's appeared out of nowhere flips to say: Crazy Linoone Sends Out Mikeh Sends Out and Attacks Dammit Mikeh Nickname your 'Pokes 3< Crazy Linoone Attacks Brainlocked Riolu bangs her head against the keyboard until a "Reffing" comes out of it... eventually
  12. Bluberry Bat

    Frankie and his Fingers

    ..I hope I'm allowed to pitch individual bands in a thread like this.. xD;; Anyway, Frankie and his Fingers is a local band that my mum works with - setting up concerts and such. They're and Indie/PopRock group of 3 with some really interesting instrumentation and intriguing lyrics. As well as...
  13. Bluberry Bat

    A TCoD Oekaki?

    Just an idea that comes across... Has it ever been considered adding an Oekaki board somewhere on the site? ^^; With the community as artistic as it tends to be I'm sort of surprised we don't have one. If you have know, an Oekaki is basically a "Doodle" forum, which you enter into a browser...
  14. Bluberry Bat

    Kindling Queen & moon-panther Vs. Full Metal Cookies & Grass King

    Kindling Queen's Active Team: Charmeleon (Male) <Blaze> Growlithe (Female) <Flash Fire> [Fafneer] Houndour (Male) <Flash Fire> Numel (Female) <Simple> Ponyta (Female) <Flash Fire> Vulpix (Female) <Flash Fire> moon-panther's Active Team: [Riza] Pidgey (Female) <Keen Eye> [Mia] Gyarados...
  15. Bluberry Bat

    4:3 Tablet, Widescreen display?.. Uhoh

    This is a bit of a snag.. I've recently gotten my tablet working again (Fuck you, Vista) on my new computer - my old one long ago biting the dust. There's a bit of a problem, though. I was lucky enough to come into possession of a mid-sized Intuos3 tablet. Bloody amazing little device and I love...
  16. Bluberry Bat

    Open Beyond The Stars

    Before starting, I just want to make it known that I've been rather busy as of late, and MAY not have the time to fully manage. But I've had requests to put this up, and as such I'll do my best. If I'm unable to however, I simply will not join the story/have a limited role And/Or assign an...
  17. Bluberry Bat

    Another quiet night, another forum?~

    With everywhere else fairly dead, well.. why not. Actually, I'm just here to bug Mike the Foxhog. :3 And perhaps Dark Shocktail. But who needs to know~ Are introduction threads pointless? Usually. PC++.. Er.. Rather.. I'm Dwagie, from here, there, and everywhere. Sometimes as Dragon90...