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  1. Dinru

    Is it necessary for a trans* person to transition?

    Basically, the debate is, if someone who considers themselves trans* chooses not to transition, whether physically or socially, does that make them cis? Personally, I say a person gets to decide how they want to respond to their gender. In the same way that your body and society don't get to...
  2. Dinru

    Six years of debauchery

    As of today, it's been six years since I first joined this fair forum. I know I'm usually just a lurker, but still. This place is full of wonderful, intelligent people. I'm really glad to have been here all this time.
  3. Dinru

    The Computer Science Club

    A place for people who are interested in the various facets of Computer Science to come and talk about computers and code and get help with their newest projects or college exams or what have you. No member list or sign-ups. So, to start a conversation, since most CS people started with...
  4. Dinru


    Today is mai waifu/sisSTAR, Missle's, birthday~! EVERYONE WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! speaking of which, happy birthday :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3
  5. Dinru

    It's my birthday and I'll dance if I want to~

    *boogie boogie* *boogie boogie*
  6. Dinru

    Open My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    Dinru lay in her bed, thoughts of pastries and flowers running through her head. She didn't want the day to start, she really didn't, but it was either that or starving. So she opted to get up and go to the cafe.
  7. Dinru

    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (OOC/Signups)

    Everypony in Ponyville is happy as can be! Except for the dastardly Meany Ponies, who keep trying to ruin everyone’s fun. Rules: 1. This is a sandbox-style RP, but that doesn’t mean you can godmod or change the course of the story for nonsensical reasons. Use some common sense and general RP...
  8. Dinru

    So I’m writing a story that has a transman in it.

    So I’m writing a story that has a transman in it. (This is copy-pasted from my Tumblr because I am lazy) He’s female-to-male transgendered (he’s technically also transpecies* as well, but only because he comes from an all-biofemale race). His name is Cain. I’ve been doing a lot of research...
  9. Dinru

    Help the hungry billion

    For the first time in history, the number of chronically hungry people will exceed 1 billion people. The number of people online on a regular basis is also about 1 billion. 25 cents is all it takes to make a difference. Please, spread the word. I know a lot of people on here are rather...
  10. Dinru

    Surreal Experiences

    Exactly what it says on the tin- talk about surreal things that have happened to you, or surreal things that could easily be replicated. I was just listening to this while playing this. The emotional impact was... incredible. Especially since I literally only just got the symbolism of the song.
  11. Dinru

    There She Is!

    There She Is! Is a five-episode flash animation series. Words fail to do it justice in the least, but it's simply adorable, and yet very touching and impacting. If there were a list of things you had to read/watch/play in order to be considered a decent human being, this would probably be at the...
  12. Dinru

    How did I make two threads?

    In the "Other Creativity" Forum, I made a poll about my AMVs, and somehow this spawned two threads, one with a poll and one without... might I ask how I made this mistake, or if it's a glitch or what exactly is going on? Also, if a mod or admin could please delete the not-poll one, I would...
  13. Dinru

    Dinru makes KH AMVs and would like to know what you, yes you, think of them.

    They can be viewed from here. Please take notice that the First Love one is really more of a sync than an AMV, and the I'll Be one is currently muted, and I'm too stubborn to remove it. Thanks for looking! (PS I voted yes in the poll)
  14. Dinru

    The World Ends With Us/It's A Wonderful Club

    This is a club dedicated to Square Enix and Jupiter's latest masterpiece, The World Ends With You* Go on, discuss. No members list or anything, unless someone else wants to keep one up. *Also known as Subarashiki Kono Sekai, or It's A Wonderful World. Usually abbreviated as TWEWY or SubaSeka
  15. Dinru

    About Styleswitchers....

    I'm planing on making one using this tutorial, but I have one question: How does one program it so that when someone switches to a style, the stylesheet replaces only the parts you want it to? Is there a specific spot it already replaces or what? I wouldn't want someone to change the style only...
  16. Dinru

    D/P/Pt Azelf and Uxie

    (First, sorry if this is in the wrong forum) If you run away from Uxie and Azelf when you go to Lake Acuity and Lake Verity, can you go back and catch them again later? If so, how? I've heard you could, but I can't seem to figure out how. Any answers would be very much appreciated. Thank you in...
  17. Dinru

    Getting rid of the header

    It's Dinru (If you even know of me), complete with new avatar. Yay!