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  1. Icalasari

    Help with pose and chest of drawing

    This is Luna Luna is feeling a little rough right now Lame puns aside, as you can tell, the arm is a little awkward. I've never done a fighting stance before, so I'm having a few issues with showing her being tense without the arm looking like if she has a major birth defect =/ I also don't...
  2. Icalasari

    Pokefarm Fanclub

    Pokefarm is a small website right now, but it is growing Sadly, GPX+ beat it to the whole breeding idea, so alot of things are similar, and will be for quite a while, until it develops more So, does anybody else play it? I'm Icalasari there (surprise, surprise XD) Members (Pokefarm Username)...
  3. Icalasari

    Closed Of Gods and Pokemon

    An elderly gentleman approached the podium, aided by a cane. His white hair was still thick, but did nothing to hide his true age. The wrinkles lining his face framed his eyes perfectly, them brimming with knowledge. He stood on the podium, a little shaky from the years, and grabbed the...
  4. Icalasari

    Slender Man: The Thing That Scared Something Awful And CAD Forums

    It starts on page 3 (which I directly linked to), and gains steam Sadly, alot of them hosted pictures on a crappy host, so about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the pics are gone Link to a screenshot of the deleted Wiki entry. It sums it up pretty nicely Oh, and sorry about the tinyurl link. This is a...
  5. Icalasari

    Religious Guy + Pokemon = This

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmNb3xJFzkc& This is just hilarious to listen to I seriously hope that this is all a joke though Sorry if this doesn't belong here, mods. I figured that, since the guy talks about Pokemon, it should go here
  6. Icalasari

    Gamefreak is hiring Graphic Designers

    http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Game_Freak_hiring_for_graphic_designer :( I wish I lived in Japan Not like I would stand a chance in hell of being hired, but still
  7. Icalasari

    Idiots decide to visit tiger, get mauled as a result

    This happened at 1 am in Calgary ;.; Why didn't the tiger do us all a favour and claw his testicles instead? EDIT: Watching it on the news now. WHOOT! THEY ARE GETTING CRIMINAL CHARGES PRESSED AGAINST THEM!
  8. Icalasari

    Weird Animals that you have seen?

    It is called a Hummingbird Hawkmoth I spotted one at roughly 3:30 PM mountain time today. At first I thought it was a hummingbird So, have any of you spotted weird animals? Hummingbird Hawkmoth Pokemon for the next generation!
  9. Icalasari

    D/P/Pt PRNG Abuse: Right or Wrong?

    Smogon figured out how to abuse the DPPt RNG to make it so that you can hatch a shiny with a preferred nature 100% of the time. You don't even need an AR or R4 to get your SID if you have caught at least one shiny on the game, so it is 100% legit, according to them I am curious, though. Does...
  10. Icalasari

    Assistance with a Sprite I am working on

    I HOPE it goes here... Anyways, I need some help with a sprite. This is the basic outline of it: I need opinions on it and ideas on how to make it cleaner
  11. Icalasari

    D/P/Pt How early can you catch the Regis? [Possible Spoilers]

    I would like to know if you can catch them before the national dex due to some unforeseen programming error or something, or if the caves won't produce anything until after, or what Oh, I have watched videos of people getting Regirock. You need to walk over all the dots then talk to the statue
  12. Icalasari

    D/P/Pt Journal for Platinum [SPOILERS]

    I wasn't sure whether it should go here or in Writing. I decided to put it here. If a mod feels that it belongs elsewhere, then please move it I will keep this updated with a journal written through the eyes of the trainer in the game. Feel free to critique or join in with your own journal in...
  13. Icalasari

    [CLOSED] TRU Regigigas w/ Event Berry

    I need one so that I can clone it and distribute it (along with getting the Regi's in Platinum... >.> <.<) I have many Pokemon for selection. I have access to all Pokemon BUT Arceus, many, MANY shinies, and even some great IV-Bred Pokemon (one of them is a completely insane Horsea breed and may...
  14. Icalasari

    Open The Pokemon of the Sky

    It has only been a mere month after the island lost its protector. Trainers have begun to populate it, and the wilderness began to be tamed. The world hasn't heard a word from Team Rocket in a while. Little did they know that the legendary team was mounting an assault on a new Deity. However...
  15. Icalasari


    I got early admission for both the University of Calgary and Mount Royal College :3 Both are Bachelors of Science. If I go to U of C, I will be getting Chemistry. Mount Royal, General Sciences ;.; I can't choose
  16. Icalasari

    Special Plans for Platinum?

    Got the idea from Gamefaqs. So, are you going to do something special for your first playthrough of Platinum? I plan to keep a journal of the game through the eyes of the main character ^^
  17. Icalasari

    ^^ All Five Master Ribbons on ONE Pokemon

    Today (Friday the 13th), at roughly 12:38 AM, me and my Milotic, Aljrlieguh, won the Cool Ribbon Master. That means that she now has the Cool, Beauty, Smart, Cute, and Tough Ribbon Masters from Sinnoh She is only conditioned in Beauty (and slightly in Cool; not enough to even get a full extra...
  18. Icalasari

    D/P/Pt Need some assitance for my team

    Remember my dragon themed team? It sort of fell apart when Garchomp was banned, so I need to go in a slightly new direction I'm still keeping some of the Pokemon that were on it, but I am now open to any non-dragon suggestions that I can access (I have access to all Pokemon, but I can't get...
  19. Icalasari

    Vatican agrees that Darwin was right

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/faith/article5705331.ece I am glad that I found this link. Wonder if this will shut up people who say Evolution isn't real?
  20. Icalasari

    X.X Anybody here good with Statistics and Trignometry?

    I am currently averaging at a measly 54-55% in Math 30 Pure I want to become a vet or doctor, so my mark needs to be at LEAST 65%, if not higher, for that to happen. And I only have one test, one field test (will replace my lowest mark), and the final (worth 50% of the final mark) to raise it...