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    i'm a little late on this, but...

    on monday of this week, i marched in the inaugural parade in front of all of america and the president of the united states. i was less than ten feet away from him... it was pretty nerve-racking. he hand-picked us from hundreds, if not thousands, of ROTC units from across the country. it was a...
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    Suggestions starting to sprite again

    I'm going to try getting back into spriting, and I'd like some ideas for what to do. give me suggestions and I'll take a shot at them. splices: revamps/devamps: trainer sprites:
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    needing help evolving some pokemon

    i need to evolve some pokemon of mine; i have all the items ready and everything, problem is i cannot find anyone able to trade with me ): it would be a quick trade and tradeback. i can give an item or pokemon in return if wanted.
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    unable to run steam?

    i've recently downloaded my free copy of TF2 off of steam. i've never used steam until now and every time i try to run it, it asks me what program i want to use to run it. only problem is everything i've tried doesn't work. help?
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    needing a few starters

    so i'm looking for some pokemon i'd like to raise, specifically bulbasaur, totodile, treecko, charmander, and aron. i can offer white exclusives, dream world lickitung, dream world bidoof, and normal squirtle name something and i may be able to get it as well.
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    wikipedia article. so, uh. does anyone else here watch this? for future reference the second season just started every sunday on adult swim. seriously, go watch this.
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    it seems butterfree finally got some real styles thanx a bunch!
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    Suggestions green's sprites

    fakemon fusions trainers CAPTAIN TYRANNOSAURUS c+c welcome and appreciated, provided it's not spam