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  1. Sypl

    Serpent's Tongue

    I recently found this game on Kickstarter, and it look very well made. It's a different twist on the TCG genre, and I can't wait until it ships to stores.
  2. Sypl

    Icelandic Translation

    Just saw this a few minutes ago. Thoughts and opinions? I personally would have the site in Icelandic by default, then have a big button at the top with English text saying: Translate to English! When it is translated to English, the button would read: Þýða til íslensku!
  3. Sypl

    I'm back!

    Hey guys, Parasitic here. I'm back on TCoD! Over the time I wasn't here, I finished Homestuck and Problem Sleuth, started playing Team Fortress 2, finished all of the new Doctor Who episodes (Tennant ftw!), and became a Redditor! I missed you all!
  4. Sypl

    Designer Mafia is still my favorite Mafia game

    The original Designer Mafia game: http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=482759&postcount=1 10 players, and I will make some roles mafia if I have to.
  5. Sypl

    Nintendo hates Pokemon Sprites

    Has anyone heard of Aquablade11? He was the first person to make stories out of Pokemon Sprites. But now because of this video, the title of this thread is true. If sprite stories violate their rights, how long will it be until posting sprites on the internet will get you sued, how long is it...
  6. Sypl


    This is an iPhone app that, at first glance, looks like a clone of Pokemon. But the main thing about this game is that it uses your gps to find these creatures. So, download the FREE app, join the forums, and discover new Espers.
  7. Sypl


    It is now officially Shuppet Month because I said so. Change you avatar to a Shuppet (or at least containing a Shuppet) and we will rule the forums!!! WE HAVE A SOCIAL GROUP
  8. Sypl


    Have you ever been to this website? It has many things that appeal to everyone. You must me crazy not to buy a bushel of this website. You can eat with it, play with it, and even fnmbgfffffffm, Or for the not as awesome people, you can go to this site.
  9. Sypl

    Twizzlers or Redvines?

    What brand do you like best? To me, Twizzlers have the most flavor, but at movie theaters I get Redvines because you can use them as straws.
  10. Sypl

    Pokemon Live Action

    Has anyone ever heard of this guy? This is amazing. Has anyone ever tried anything like this? Also look at this.
  11. Sypl

    [Wanted] Ditto with Imposter

    I need a Ditto with Imposter; I have tons of event Pokemon including Japanese ones.
  12. Sypl

    Your 100th post.

    This is my 100th post, and I iz happy. What was yours?
  13. Sypl

    Some normal mafia game nothing wrong here

    3 mafia, 3 doctors, 3 cops, 3 townies. 12 players only. This is going to be fun. TELL EVERYONE.
  14. Sypl

    The Irregular Webcomic Fanclub

    Discuss this here.
  15. Sypl

    Designer Mafia [Day Three] Mafia win

    Do not communicate out of the thread unless you have a role that depends on that. 48 hours of night
  16. Sypl

    Designer Mafia

    The game. The roles. 10 people only. Send roles by pm.
  17. Sypl

    Dethy Mafia [Cop Win on day one]

    Rules: No out of thread communication, and I am allowed to confuse you by posting stuff that has no relevance to this game. asdfgthyujhghgj.
  18. Sypl

    Dethy Mafia

    Look here for some roles I am using http://mikeburnfire.sitesled.com/mscumB.swf Dethy is a Mafia variant with one Mafia, a cop, a Naive cop who always gets innocent results, a Paranoid cop who always gets guilty results, and an InSaNe cOp wHo aLwAyS GeTs tHe wRoNg rEsUlTs. Cops are not told...
  19. Sypl

    Hello There

    I like ditto. If anyone could give a ditto on ASB, i will name it after them. Ditto!