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    The Diggersby Fanclub

    Ah. Thank you.
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    The Diggersby Fanclub

    Excuse me, is this the Diggers-by-Fan Club? I really love digging by fan, it's a lot more fun than digging by shovel. And it definitely beats digging by spoon!
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    Pokémon Basalt and Granite

    Re: Pokémon Basalt and Granite I'd be happy to help you develop your game! :) I have a lot of experience working with Python and Pokémon Ultraton, the best programming languages. If you put me as a trainer in the game, could you make it so all my Pokémon are raisins instead? Thanks!
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    Question for you Guys

    I can confirm that Pokémon Ultraton is a real program, and it's helped me a ton when I made scratch games. I'm the guy who made Pokémon Raisin Version and Pokémon Dribble Version, as you may know. Ultraton is my editor of choice when making Pokémon games. It's got so many convenient features...