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  1. Qwilfish

    Your Favorite Animal?

    Hard to say, for someone like me. I've got - 3 tortoises - over 100 fish (2 pufferfish!) - 4 rabbits - 4 guinea pigs - a parrot - 9 (yes, 9) cats - 3 dogs - and finally, a snake named Wes. XD I like pufferfish though.
  2. Qwilfish

    The all new "This Thread goes in reverse!"

  3. Qwilfish

    Epic Grades

    Got all of mah grades back a few days ago and... Out of 150 students...I was Numbah 1. Woot for me. ^_^
  4. Qwilfish

    Rate the signature above you!

    Hmm...it's okay, I guess. 5.5/10.
  5. Qwilfish

    Three word story

    ...a secret society...
  6. Qwilfish

    Shop De Qwilfish

    Will be coming up soon.
  7. Qwilfish

    Babelfish...the goblet of funniness

    XD This is a funny one. Original English Text: We all love the cave of dragonflies! Translated to Japanese: We love the cave of all dragonflies! Translated to Chinese: We love all dragonflies hole! Translated to French: We like all the hole of dragonflies! Translated to German: We like the...
  8. Qwilfish

    The all new "This Thread goes in reverse!"

    I was bored, okay? You know, in my spare time, I inhale battery juice. XD
  9. Qwilfish

    Best Early "Rodent" Pokemon?

    Bibarel. Great HM slave.
  10. Qwilfish

    Best Early Bird Pokemon?

    The emohawks are the best.
  11. Qwilfish

    Best Early Bug Pokemon?

    Pineco > Them all.
  12. Qwilfish

    The all new "This Thread goes in reverse!"

    Yes! We must worship the birthday squid, the almighty Kraken!
  13. Qwilfish

    _Ditto_'s 2nd sprite shop.

    Thanks. Inferno Qwilfish, using the D/P sprite second frame if possible. Thanks in advance.
  14. Qwilfish

    Shop De Qwilfish

    Ugh. Sorry, it didn't come out well. For chisels, it's better if the shape is rounded. This, however, I like.
  15. Qwilfish

    The all new "This Thread goes in reverse!"

    ...so you say you actually hate dragons?
  16. Qwilfish

    Cool. Scorpios are pure win. XD

    Cool. Scorpios are pure win. XD
  17. Qwilfish

    _Ditto_'s 2nd sprite shop.

    Ipod Qwilfish. D/P sprite please.
  18. Qwilfish

    Shop De Qwilfish

    Thanks. XD One done. EDIT ~
  19. Qwilfish

    The all new "This Thread goes in reverse!"

    Really? That big?