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  1. Qwilfish

    Epic Grades

    Got all of mah grades back a few days ago and... Out of 150 students...I was Numbah 1. Woot for me. ^_^
  2. Qwilfish

    Shop De Qwilfish

    Shop De Qwilfish ~ Sprites made for you, by me. Technique of the week Splices Rules One request at a time. No swearing. No SPAMming. No stupid requests, like Ho-oh/Wurmple. No flaming. If any of my sprites are used, I want signature credit. Or some other form of credit. I just want credit...
  3. Qwilfish

    Lair De Qwilfish

    Le link. With a full ASB league, great admins and so many forums! Comments and crit would be appriciated.
  4. Qwilfish

    Back after a somewhat short previous life

    I'm back to the forums! You may know me from Pokemon Fan Universe, but, yeah, I *occasionally* used to come here. Now, I've vowed to become more active here and actually get a respectable post count. ~Le Qwil~