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  1. Diz

    The Rapture Is Supposed To Be Tonight

    Hope to see you all tomorrow!
  2. Diz

    COFA Tomorrow!

    Cassandra Clair's City of Fallen Angels is coming out tomorrow. Who else is excited?
  3. Diz

    Grammar Help?

    I'm writing an essay in my English class about the similarities between Joseph Palmer and Whitman, Emerson and Thoreau. In the essay, I have the following sentence: I was wondering if anyone here could help me re-word this in a way that the word 'their' isn't as ambiguous. I'm referring to...
  4. Diz

    Your Christmas List

    Post it here. Mine: Sims 3 for Wii A Barns and Noble Nook American Eagle Body Spray Green Disney CD iPod/Other large MP3 player Giant (bed sized) Bean Bag chair 2nd Season of House on DVD The SNL Board Game 24 pack of colors Play-Doh A Puppy
  5. Diz

    Kill, Screw, Marry

    Basically, poster 1 lists three people, and poster two has to say whether they would kill, screw, or marry each of the three people, and then has to list three more for the next poster. Example: Poster one: Person A, Person B, and Person C. Poster two: Kill Person A, Screw Person B, and Marry...
  6. Diz

    No Shave November

    Any guys on TCoD participating?
  7. Diz

    Safari Crashes

    I recently updated my Safari web browser to the latest whatever version, and added a bunch of extensions to it. I realized that I didn't really need all of the extensions that I had, and removed some. Now Safari crashes as soon as I try to run it. I've already restarted my computer, which...
  8. Diz

    Ground Zero Mosque

    People want to build an Islamic Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. I'm against it. The idea is completely disrespecting the memories of those who lost their lives on September 11. Sure, the attack on the Twin Towers was initiated by Islamic radicals, but the attack on Pearl Harbor was also...
  9. Diz

    Ubuntu and Wireless card

    I've decided to install Ubunut on my hard drive, alongside Vista. Unfortunately, Ubuntu won't recognize my wireless card, so it is basically useless without the internet. It's a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, and I get internet through a wireless wifi network with our home desktop. The wireless...
  10. Diz


    pLace (little p, Big L) is my personal/graphic design website. It focuses mostly on tutorials and layouts, but I do take requests for avatars or banners. pLace has a chatbox, optional music player, and riddle contest as well. I'm currently writing a guide on creating layouts. I hope you enjoy...
  11. Diz


    So who is excited about it? From the looks of the tutorial on W3 Schools website, HTML5 doesn't seem too hard to do, just that once again browser support is patchy.
  12. Diz

    Completed [Mature for Gore] Famine

    The harvest again was rather sad. What crops they did grow were only enough to feed the animals and keep seeds for planting the next year, though it would be a thankless effort. Corn and wheat simply didn't grow anymore. The seasons of late were far too damp, the water drowning all attempts to...
  13. Diz

    Completed Family

    The walk was short. They had arrived at their destination in only ten minute's time. It was a small, squat house, bordering on ugly. The architecture was strange, with senseless embellishments, which, while fun to explore, did not add to the visual appeal of the building. Its paint was a neutral...
  14. Diz

    Completed After Life

    Hell. That's where I am. Or some place close to it. Have you ever been trapped in an airport? Heavy snows grounded the plane, and you couldn't leave because it was too cold to step outside? This is what hell is like. Forced to sleep in cramped little airport chairs, the people near you...
  15. Diz

    Do animals have souls?

    See title. For those of you who actually believe in Eternal Salvation, do animals have immortal souls like humans? And if no, why not? Or for those of you who would rather stay away from religious discussion, can animals create new ideas/concepts/things? My friend says that bird nests and...
  16. Diz

    Internet Security?

    So my year and a half of free Norton AntiVirus Internet Security is up tomorrow, and my mom won't buy a new subscription. Which is really fine. However, what security program would you suggest as a good replacement?
  17. Diz

    Organization XVIII

    Organization XVIII This is the site I run for my group of friends' new thing, Organization-XVIII. We are all very big Kingdom Hearts fans, and decided to make our own version...The events that we come up with take place after the entire canon Kingdom Hearts series. The website itself is a...
  18. Diz

    Uh Oh, Names!

    Ok, so you know how ekans backwards is snake, and arbok is kobra, what does that make muk? I saw this group on facebook, and thought it was funny
  19. Diz

    Guys, there's a party happening at my pLace

    pLace is my new personal/graphical design website. Enjoy. It's pretty much self explanatory, too, so I'll try not to have a huge wall of text explaining it. pLace did have some different content, but I'm re-working it, so those pages are down. BTW, I'm sorry for blinding those of you using...
  20. Diz

    Warehouse 13

    Warehouse is a new original TV series on SyFy (SciFi), Dish Channel 122. It shows new episodes every Tuesdays at 9 (in my time zone, GMT -4) The plot of Warehouse is a bit hard to explain, but you know at the end of Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant, when the Ark its self is being...