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  1. Vyraura

    okay what the hell itunes stop being gay (yes i know its me again)

    Okay, so the third party agent I use with my iPod, despite being the only one that does everything iTunes does (music, pictures, movies, smart playlists, podcasts, etc.), has the fatally annoying problem of moving all the album artwork over about 5 pixels on the iPod's screen, making this teeny...
  2. Vyraura

    iPod issues/new computer/floola (mostly music related so.)

    So my old laptop died. I have access to the hard drive, but only as external, so I can't be using the operating system on it as of now, but I did copy all the pertinent User folders to another computer. Problem is, I want to reconnect my iPod to the new computer, but I don't want to erase it...
  3. Vyraura

    Happy Birthday to Vyraura

    my birthday sucks I got a shitty haircut and it doesn't quite reach my shoulders and is just short enough to not be straight and my life sucks asdafd;asdkfj Ok, actually it's tomorrow, and I should be getting lots of nice clothes and things, but I figured I'd make it the day I got the email...
  4. Vyraura

    30,000 Pounds of Bagels

    Well it was our turn to provide bagels for the cross country meed tomorrow and my mother forgot, but she remembered that Panera Bread often donates the uneaten bagels after closing that they would otherwise throw away. So she calls and they say yes. Holy fucking shit, they gave us every single...
  5. Vyraura

    Random tags not working

    my signature's code, I don't see what makes it mess up sometimes. {random}{QUOTE=altmer}granted power metal has swords but at least that is manly{/QUOTE}|||{QUOTE=firepoke4ever}Castform looks like either a butt or boobs with a head attached to it.{/QUOTE}|||{QUOTE=Shining...
  6. Vyraura

    Ramble about your usertitle

    I tend to look at people's user titles a lot. They either irritate me to no end if they sound stupid or make me smile because I like them, just a minor feeling-giver. I tend to put a phrase from a song that I think is worded very interestingly, for example currently the way that phrase is...
  7. Vyraura

    Sandstorm based OU/BL team

    I'm starting to get an idea of how to work one out, but I don't want to overlook any horrible rape flaws. So far the major problems is the fighting and ice weaknesses. Tyranitar @ Choice Band Adamant 252 HP 252 Attack 6 Speed Crunch Stone Edge Earthquake Pursuit Gets sand-stream going. Hits...
  8. Vyraura

    Ultra Beatdown

    is amazing. And I feel obligated to post a bulletin announcing it. It's the new Dragonforce album, if you're unenlightened.
  9. Vyraura

    D/P/Pt I hate breeding chains

    I'm really bad at this -.- So, I'm trying to get an eevee with Curse and Wish. I'm not going to bother trying to explain my original plan since it's apparently messed up, but here's what I have. Male Togetic with Wish Male Torkoal with Curse Male Eevee with Curse Female Skitty with Wish I...
  10. Vyraura

    [Shop] I have EEVEEs. Too many.

    I was in a mad hatching spree attempting to get the correct nature and ended up with three full boxes of unwanted Eevees. After much trading, I still need to get rid of some. Oh, and they all know dig. And are nicknamable. I have: 54 Male Eevees of varying natures. The only one I don't have...
  11. Vyraura

    Wanted: Female Feebas (preferably modest)

    I don't care about IV's and I'd love a modest one but if that's hard or something I don't really mind. I don't have a lot to trade, but I can always try to find (problem is my lack of firered/leafgreen completed) whatever you want.
  12. Vyraura

    R/S/E Battle Tower Suggestions?

    I'm trying to get over 50 straight wins in the battle tower, and keep losing due to the fact that I only really have one good level 50 pokemon, Latios. I'm not really sure what else would be good. I was going to try a sporeing breloom, but I forgot that you can't use higher than level 50...
  13. Vyraura

    D/P/Pt Competitive (kinda, haha) team. Opinions/halp. :D?

    Team: Some of them were made when I wasn't as smart about EVs, for example, but I'm lazy and have things to do besides EV train all day (which I hate) Valhaii -Latias (Female, Naive) + Soul Dew Mist Ball Ice Beam Dragon Pulse Recover EV: SpAtk 255 SpDef 255 Basic plan is to sit there and use...
  14. Vyraura

    I'm back, I'm sure you /fondly/ remember me.

    I never really mentioned before it was too late I was going to france for 5 weeks. Thus, I was quite confused when I came back, and it took me a bit to realize why I wasn't logging in. Eventually I realized I was being retarded, and read the announcements. Haha, well I'm back, hopefully I"ll be...