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  1. 42aruaour

    Finally found a revive

    That took a long time. I joined, posted a bit then faded away over the start of the school year...:blank: I suck at forums... Reintroduction? I'm a 14 year old boy (still) named Adam and enjoy technology. I, on my free time, tend to program and write/modify web sites by hand (because web...
  2. 42aruaour


    Is it just me or does Ash Ketchum look older? Or is it just because he doesn't have an open mouth?
  3. 42aruaour

    Humorous Youtube Vids!

    Didn't really find one on here, so here goes. Put up any interesting or humorous youtube videos that you find. This is for fun, so nothing too inappropriate. NOW WATCH SLOW MOTION WATER BALLONS!!! Edit 8-10-13: Three more AT&T SUCKS some idiotic humor one ending some idiotic humor another...
  4. 42aruaour

    Comments System not Working...

    I want people to be able to add comments to my weblog, but I can't figure out why I can't update MySQL tables for it to work. I've spent quite a while working on this, but am unable to get it to work. Skip the next section if you don't care about specs. I used HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3.25...
  5. 42aruaour

    Guess I have to introduce myself...

    Hello, I guess I have to introduce myself. My username is 42aruaour, but you can call me Adam, because that is my first name. I am a rather avid pokémon fan, but because I live in an asian family, I can't really do much, other than reading things like manga and fanfiction online or watching the...