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  1. Eifie

    Interest check: Mafia Universe "Ultralight" game for Busy People™

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on hosting a very low postcount game on Mafia Universe in the next few weeks to see if we have a niche for this kind of thing there. It'll probably be a 9-player game, 48/24 phases, maybe a closed setup, and ideally the game would cap out at 300-400 posts total (though...
  2. Eifie

    Pokémon TCG Online

    Lately me and @Boquise have been playing Pokémon TCG Online! It's pretty fun! You get to start off with some starter decks and can earn booster packs by winning matches and stuff (and also by redeeming codes on actual Pokémon TCG decks/booster packs if you happen to have some newer ones) and you...
  3. Eifie

    Hey TCoD, your favourite Pokemon is Wooloo

    Whats yours?
  4. Eifie

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX

    Talk to me about it plz. I am about to go into Magma Cavern, but I want to get my dudes good rare qualities before I do... it's taking ages. How do you find the music remixes? I think they're like, okay... I don't find them like particularly spectacular or anything. The Mt. Blaze one really...
  5. Eifie

    [Interest check] MU Invitational 2?

    Hi everyone! I think the last MU invitational was pretty successful, everyone seemed to have some amount of fun and we had Chemist and Panini (and sort of Manti) join us on TCoDf, so I was wondering how many people would be into trying another one sometime? I would host myself this time (so the...
  6. Eifie

    Mist1422 vs Panini

    Mist1422 vs Panini Mist1422's active squad treecko Dew the male Treecko <Overgrow> shinx Amp the male Shinx <Intimidate> @ Bright Powder solosis Jade the female Solosis <Magic Guard> @ Quick Claw lotad Baton the female Lotad <Swift Swim> Panini's active squad fennekin Ceridwen the female...
  7. Eifie

    Eifie's Definitely 100% Legit Serious Mafia Game

    da rulez Rule of Fun is in effect (don't take this game serious plz) Post good joke cover and I may reward you! Claiming your role is not recommended! the usual don't talk outside the thread unless you've been given a private thread to do so, don't quote your role PM or communications from...
  8. Eifie


    NOW ALL I GOTTA DO IS WRITE MY 100 PAGE THESIS AND I'LL BE A MASTER OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, CONGRATULATE ME also no one has posted in the laughing cupboard for like 3000 years
  9. Eifie

    Eifie's Definitely 100% Legit Serious Mafia Game (casuals need not apply)

    What better way is there to celebrate me never having to take another class in my life (a statement that will be true 4 days from now, assuming I pass my exams) than by playing mafia? The Deets Low-effort! Everyone can play, try to post some amount of random bullshit in the thread when you...
  10. Eifie

    MU TCoDf Invitational

    Hi everyone! So for a while I've been toying with the idea of hosting a tcodf invitational on Mafia Universe so that we can automate the game using their super-awesome modbot. It'd be a game of just tcodf players (+ my awesome MU friend Panini, who is cool and fun and has a similar posting style...
  11. Eifie

    [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

    I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise I liek Squirtles's active squad frillish Freela the female Frillish <Cursed Body> wooper Nelson the male Wooper <Water Absorb> gyarados Mr. Gassatoo the male Gyarados <Intimidate> wartortle Mr. Turtle the male Wartortle <Torrent> @ Link Cable phione Eione the...
  12. Eifie

    I liek Squirtles vs sanderidge

    I liek Squirtles vs sanderidge I liek Squirtles's active squad hoppip Master Fuzzwicking Plant XIV the male Hoppip <Leaf Guard> @ Lucky Egg gastly Le Fantôme de l'Opéra the male Gastly <Levitate> @ Expert Belt lotad Panchillo Villagrán the male Lotad <Rain Dish> @ Water Stone togepi Emilia...
  13. Eifie

    [GIVEAWAY] Breeding Galvanize Geodudes!

    This thing was a huge pain to get, so into the daycare he goes! Let me know if you want one! I don't know anything about IVs or anything, but if you have a gender preference I can do that, and, well, maybe I can see about natures. In return I'd like a something neat, whatever your idea of neat...
  14. Eifie

    A WILD PIZZA APPEARED! (Flora vs Murkrow vs Karousever)

    Flora vs Murkrow vs Karousever Flora's active squad oshawott Douglas the male Oshawott <Torrent> petilil Sayuri the female Petilil <Chlorophyll> vanillite Isolde the female Vanillite <Ice Body> litleo Mariana the female Litleo <Moxie> pumpkaboo-average Squirt the female Pumpkaboo (Average...
  15. Eifie

    The Blue Building Across the Street

    This is the Blue Building Across the Street, a club for everyone who's a huge fan of digging by fan, furries, and chai lattes! Especially all at once! Please join up, the Diggersby Fanclub across the street is attempting to steal our membership... Member List - Eifie, Czar of Chai Lattes -...
  16. Eifie

    Meursault vs Keldeo III

    Meursault vs Keldeo III Meursault's active squad haunter Delve the female Haunter <Levitate> @ Link Cable ferrothorn Myryam the female Ferrothorn <Iron Barbs> @ Occa Berry slowpoke Łebsko the female Slowpoke <Oblivious> @ Lucky Egg natu Setsuna the female Natu <Synchronize> @ Lucky Egg...
  17. Eifie

    Zapi vs Murkrow

    Zapi vs Murkrow Zapi's active squad ivysaur Violet the female Ivysaur <Overgrow> axew Johanna the shiny female Axew <Rivalry> ralts Wally the male Ralts <Synchronize> gastly Persephone the shiny female Gastly <Levitate> pichu Lightning the female Pichu <Static> meowth Bastet the female Meowth...
  18. Eifie

    Metallica Fanboy vs Sandstone-Shadow

    Metallica Fanboy vs Sandstone-Shadow Metallica Fanboy's active squad machop Super Macho Man the shiny male Machop <No Guard> @ Black Glasses shelgon Earth Dragon the male Shelgon <Rock Head> @ Life Orb shieldon Fort the male Shieldon <Sturdy> @ Jaboca Berry elgyem Legal Alien the male Elgyem...
  19. Eifie

    Johari Windows!

    There was a thread for this, like, five years ago, but sadly it seems to have disappeared. Johari windows are these things where you pick 5-6 positive (ish) adjectives to describe yourself, and your friends also pick some adjectives and you see which ones line up! It's pretty fun :O I did mine...
  20. Eifie

    [15] Music Dragon vs Byrus (ref: JackPK)

    2 vs 2 Inverse Battle Style: Set DQ: 7 days Damage Cap: 35% Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Pain Split, Perish Song, moves that KO the user; direct recovery is restricted to 1 use in the match (by any Pokémon), Chills are restricted to 5 uses (per Pokémon), and damage-dealing Normal-type moves...