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  1. S. E.

    Open Super Smash Bros.: Conspiracy

    ((OoC/Signups, rules, characters, and plot are here. This thread is for in-context posts.)) A shaft of golden light filtered in through the window. It was noon, and a congregation had formed where the light was cast on the floor. The supporters of Master Hand had assembled to discuss the...
  2. S. E.

    [Open] Super Smash Bros.: Conspiracy (OoC/Signups)

    (Main thread here) Their Home Life: Reality Versus Fiction Outside, the sun was rising in the east, casting a palette of colors in the sky. The wind was blowing, creatures were stirring, and the world around them was coming alive. Inside, a world of stillness. Silence. The only light shone...
  3. S. E.

    Digi-Adopt Club

    It seems more and more people are getting them, so I thought I'd make yet another adoptable-based club! :o What novelty! The site can be found here. Digivices (links to user profiles): To join, post with the BBCode for your Digivice (using noparse). Here at the Digi-Adopt club, there is a...
  4. S. E.

    Open Super Smash Bros.: The Outsiders (working title)

    Setting There exists a world, which operates far, far differently from our own. Upon this world, the beings, a seemingly impossible variety of them, live each day of their lives, reveling in the carnage and chaos of battle. Their days are filled with thoughts of triumph over the other beings...
  5. S. E.

    New Mystery Dungeon Games for WiiWare?

    Read it and weep. Y'know, it'd be okay if they made, say, a duo of PMD games once every generation, but this is overkill to the extreme. However, the fact that these three are for the WiiWare is kind of interesting. I wonder what they'll do with them.
  6. S. E.

    Closed [DEAD] Illusions of the Past

    Recently, technological advances have allowed scientists to create beings bearing likeness to all sorts of fictional characters. These are made using mostly simulation - however, the only part that is not is the brain, part organic and part AI. The AI's only true significance is for the false...
  7. S. E.

    Closed [DEAD] Digitized - A Digimon RP

    Plot You, a Digimon Tamer, have returned to the Real World, your home. But something is wrong. Somehow, that night, your Digivice contracts a virus. It opens a gate to the Digital World, and you are helplessly dragged through. Your eyes still closed, you feel as if you've been unconscious for...
  8. S. E.

    Favorite Character Ever?

    Oh look a thread not made by Male Gardevoir what a novelty Read title. I figured there was a favorite villain thread, so why not have a favorite character in general thread? Anyone who knows me well would find this obvious, but Meta Knight. For whatever reason, there's something about a 7 inch...
  9. S. E.

    Mewtwo's Birthday~

    Read title. Mewtwo (the member, not the Pokemon) is twelve today! Go her. But apparently her birthday is going quite crappily, so uh, shower her with gifts? (I've recently declared birthday threads as my niche. X3)
  10. S. E.

    Sum up other users as Pokemon types

    There's already a similar thread called "Sum up other users as Pokemon", but often times I tend to compare people to Pokemon types as well, so I decided to make a thread. RANDOM PEOPLE: Exo-Raikou: Either Ghost- or Psychic-type. Kai: Dark-type DarkArmour: Ice-type, for some reason. Mewtwo...
  11. S. E.

    Happy Birthday MG!

    Yes, it's Male Gardevoir's birthday! The guy's 14 now. Woo. Btw, I didn't quite get the intended present. But, if you want, I can trade you one of my event Pokemon from Pearl. Most of them I only got for the purpose of my Pokedex anyhow.
  12. S. E.

    Open [DEAD] An Old Nemesis - The Smash Dojo Part 2

    Where did we leave off again?! (Also read: the old thread) Welcome to the world of Super Smash Bros.! After the events of The Smash Dojo, our heroes have learned of the Subspace Army's return and have escaped from the Dojo. ... In fact, they're right outside the Dojo this very in-RP night and...
  13. S. E.

    Artists Needed - BrawlPetz

    (Quote included since I believe guests are unable to view that particular forum, though here is a link) All the crucial information about becoming an artist is in the "Art" section of the above post. Since I did last time, I'm going to be hiring artists from TCoD as well as from vPetsite's...
  14. S. E.

    Favorite of the Lake Trio?

    So, which one is your favorite? In my opinion, Azelf is win.
  15. S. E.

    Mario Kart Club

    Yay, Mario Kart~ Discuss anything Mario Kart related here or even participate in tournaments started by members. Members: Shining Eevee EeveeSkitty IcySapphire Darksong Cryptica Terry. T. Dragon
  16. S. E.

    Closed The Smash Dojo - A Brawl RP

    Part 2 of The Smash Dojo can be found here. Please do not post in this thread. Welcome to the world of Super Smash Bros.! Fighters from all universes are travel here to test their metal and compete against others. This new Smash season, veterans and newcomers alike are training in the Smash...
  17. S. E.

    Pictures of Your Favorite Pokemon Merchandise

    *title* I'll snap some pictures soon.
  18. S. E.

    Open The Torn Village [Now Started]

    ((The plot revolves around some events of PMD2, so beware of spoilers.)) The Torn World, Giratina's domain. Previously unexplored by any other Pokemon and spoken of only in myths, the Torn World is now inhabited by many species of Pokemon. These Pokemon have all met an untimely (No pun...
  19. S. E.

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Think of it as an equivalent to "The "Grr" Thread". If you're happy about something, but it isn't worth a thread, post it here. EDIT: On a random note, I /might/ be getting Yellow today. Just maybe.
  20. S. E.

    Open Pokemon TCG: BioLeague

    (Notice: You are expected to have some idea of how TCG works. I won't mind answering questions, but this tutorial is handy.) Yes! You, a veteran Pokemon TCG player, have been chosen among 14 others to participate in the secret Pokemon BioLeague, a new league specializing in real Pokemon...