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  1. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I got a 3.4 for the semester! This semester was absolute hell for me, so I'm glad I actually got a really good GPA
  2. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I love the Space Jam song. Hot damn
  3. Bayleafqween

    Yet Another Association Game

    The color yellow
  4. Bayleafqween

    Vending Machine Game

    Out comes every thing that has had it's popularity taken advantage of for the sole purpose of making a profit! In goes my iPhone!
  5. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Hi guys! It's been forever since I've last posted here, so I figured I would stop by. Things that have happened since I've last been active include -I'm going to college now! I'm majoring in computer science :) -I have realized that I'm not an artist. I apologize for posting my terrible art...
  6. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Got back from working at a camp a week ago. It was seriously the best month of my life
  7. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I survived Carnegie hall!
  8. Bayleafqween

    I've been waiting for a life time for this moment to come...I'm destined for anything at all

    Title is green day lyrics BTW :P They day after tomorrow I'm leaving to go to NY with my Choir to tour and preform/work with Eric Whitacre. We're preforming at Carnegie hall. This is possibly the best thing I will ever accomplish in my life time :) We have a bunch of other groups from around...
  9. Bayleafqween

    What are you reading? II

    Currently re-reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. I love that book.
  10. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    NYC in two weeks! We have everything done exept for Chelsea Charol, but it's a fairly easy song.
  11. Bayleafqween

    Hallows! Between only being to be access the forums 1/5 of the time things are going fairly...

    Hallows! Between only being to be access the forums 1/5 of the time things are going fairly well (minus random throat itchyness but at least I can breathe through my nose lol)
  12. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I got an iphone for my b-day! Also, we got the sheet music for the Chelsea Charol (Hooray Whitacre!)!
  13. Bayleafqween

    Thanks, Nobody!

    Thanks, Nobody!
  14. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    We got shown a presentation on an Inovated Learning Center thing that's opening up in my district next year. It's basically an extra building where people go to take classes that arn't available at the normal schools. One of the options is to take a bunch of comminity colledge classes so you...
  15. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    My brother randomly appeared!
  16. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    So, is that like a mutated :D, but with two mouths? Today's Speedblader's b-day!
  17. Bayleafqween

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I get to see this next month on broadway :D.Carnegie hall with Whitacre next month! Also, I'm slowly bringing my Algebra grade back up. My teacher is going to put in test corrections, and today's quiz (That I think I did good on) over the weekend. Also, she put in the grade for a worksheet...
  18. Bayleafqween

    Hallow thar

    Hallow thar
  19. Bayleafqween

    Hallows! I gots choir practice in half in hour!

    Hallows! I gots choir practice in half in hour!
  20. Bayleafqween