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  1. Bayleafqween

    I've been waiting for a life time for this moment to come...I'm destined for anything at all

    Title is green day lyrics BTW :P They day after tomorrow I'm leaving to go to NY with my Choir to tour and preform/work with Eric Whitacre. We're preforming at Carnegie hall. This is possibly the best thing I will ever accomplish in my life time :) We have a bunch of other groups from around...
  2. Bayleafqween

    Obsessive Scribblers: Reborn

    Welcome to the land of Obsessive Scribblers! General I remember Obsessive Scribblers used to be pretty big about a year ago, so I decided to revive the thread. Anyway, this thread can be described as a general art club/thread where people show their artwork, and others comment on it. If...
  3. Bayleafqween

    That awkward moment when...

    You want to post a thread about discussing awkward moments but you can't think of anything awkward to post even though your life is full of awkward. EDIT: Thought of one. A few months ago, my gym class had to merge with study hall, as both places that were used for both classes were being used...
  4. Bayleafqween

    Microwave meals

    What are your favorite microwave meals and foods? Personally, I find hot pockets to be amazing, considering how it only takes two minutes to prepare, and that you can buy 12 packs at a decent price, and for the taste, they aren't super fattening.
  5. Bayleafqween

    Suggestions I guess this is art

    Welcome to my art thread, which is full of art. I guess this is the part where I post links. Please do comment on how to improve my drawings An anime girl that I made Rena from higurashi Yotsuba from Yotsuba&! All the picture's outlines were made in paint.Net and were colored in photoshop...
  6. Bayleafqween

    Suggestions Pine's Anime thread

    Because everybody loves anime. I've been drawing for a little less than a year, so I'm not all that good, but according to some of my peers I'm pretty good. I do most of my drawings on paint or paint.net. I also draw a little on paper but I can't scan them...
  7. Bayleafqween

    First attempt at shading/coloring

    I'm kinda new when it comes to photo shop and stuff like that(I used paint.net) So I tried to color in a eevee outline that I got off of eonlight vally I think It turned out good for a first attempt,opinions please. ps.I may not be getting photoshop for a while so I'm kinda stuck with the...
  8. Bayleafqween

    she came right back home~

    My grandparents came to visit and accidentally left the door open. My cat who loves to go outside went out. I noticed the door was open so I closed it hoping the cat didn't escape. As I was walking downstairs to get something I saw her sad face looking inside. Long story short, My cat tried...
  9. Bayleafqween

    Explorers of sky english boxart

    The official boxart has finally been revealed along with the English title. I honestly liked it better as explorers of the sky.
  10. Bayleafqween

    What a epic week

    Monday:Reading ohio test LAST ONE =D Tuesday:Started working on bringing anime club back from dead for school Wednesday:8th grade had to take a test,7th grade watched movie. later in the day there was a power outage so we stayd in 6th period thursday:Got the new warriors book Friday:ITS FREAKING...
  11. Bayleafqween

    New Computer!

    My dad is going to buy me a new computer,But I don't know what I should get. My current pc is crap and very slow and can't even handle most PC games. I'd like a pc that can handle games like spore, is very fast and needs to cost less than $500. It can go over $500 but by only about $10-$20...
  12. Bayleafqween

    The queston thread

    Yuppers,I made a thread like this for your everyday questions you may ask,you may answer, I pressed some random keys and now the font is smaller and the pictures are smaller on this forum,how do I fix it
  13. Bayleafqween

    The 0_o thread

    This thread is for posing anything weird that happens to you. This is the insane form of the fwee and grr threads. One time in the car I looked out the window and into another car and in the passenger seat was a body bag with possibly a body in it. I got a email saying something about me and...
  14. Bayleafqween

    PMD3 Explorers of the sky offical box art

    Thats right peeps, The box art for pmd3! The game takes place in treasure town and has a plot relating to pmd2. Not much info on story line yet.
  15. Bayleafqween

    Who Doesn't Love a Friday the 13th Birthday?

    Thats right peeps, I'm turning 13 tomorrow! I wonder if I will Die?
  16. Bayleafqween

    Us Vs The World

    Because the other one died Basicly if you live in the us you go up 1 and if you live anywhere other than the us you go down 1 1000
  17. Bayleafqween

    How's the weather 2

    the first weather thread died so well...hows the weather? as for me its nice clear and sunny but cold
  18. Bayleafqween

    How's the weather

    simple,just state how the weather is outside its windy outside,REALY WINDY ike is one powerful cookie (and i am in ohio)
  19. Bayleafqween

    I finaly got a new animal crossing WW and its a bootleg!!!!!

    3 months ago i lost my animal crossing and then i got a new one off of ebay 2 weeks ago and guss whats its a bootleg and it works fine!!!!!! yay:grin:yay:grin:yay I NEED DECAF
  20. Bayleafqween

    Interesting facts you know

    just post some interesting stuff you know