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  1. Kaito


    KAITO CAN DRIVE OH YEAH. Yeah I got my G2, which essentially means that I can drive a car alone, but not on 400 series highways, past a certain time in the day, and with no alcohol in my bloodstream. Which is all fine and dandy, seeing as I don't drink. :B Also, I can drive with [however many...
  2. Kaito


    Only when I'm really mad, or sad do I cry. Which doesn't happen often; I usually cry when I get into a fight with one of my parents, or my siblings. I am also a sap for sad movies and cry every single time I see The Fox and the Hound. No matter how many times I see it I still cry every time the...
  3. Kaito

    Tales of the Fanclub

    I UPDATED THE LIST. :D Falthor: You are running to the little outcrop to the left aren't you? Run along the left edge, because you can't fall off, and you'll slip into the outcrop a bit easier. For the Bakura, lure it as far as you can until it actually turns back. Then get it back to where it...
  4. Kaito


    Can someone please kill Issun. Please. Love this game; beaten it, on my second playthrough to get moar stuff, and um I love it. 8D I have the Wii version, and it took quite a while to get used to drawing the different symbols; I found out I was too far away from the screen, and wasn't...
  5. Kaito

    Favorite Nightwish "epic"?

    Ack, unfortunately I haven't heard all the songs on that list yet. D: I have, however, heard PATP, Ghost Love Score, PSTO, and Beauty of the Beast. Out of those four choices, I'd have to pick Ghost Love Score (and PATP is nice too 8D). Incredible vocals on both songs, monologues are just pure...
  6. Kaito


    Kaito travels quite a but, actually~ -Canada (birthplace, and current residence) -United States -England -Ireland -Cuba -St. Martin -St. Lucia -Tortola -Anguilla -Hawaii -Mexico -Venice -Costa Rica Pretty much all of these places are vacation spots, all of which we've had an address at. Except...
  7. Kaito

    Favourite cartridge?

    Sapphire, mostly because I love the color blue, and sparkly translucent cartridges are perdy.
  8. Kaito

    What's your favourite move?

    Solarbeam, and Ice Beam. I used to love the sound Solarbeam made in Red and Blue, and Ice Beam because it looks awesome and is quite powerful~ Also, chance of Freezing~
  9. Kaito

    What Languages Do You Speak?

    I am fluent in English, as it is my first language. I have seriously choppy French, and pretty decent Spanish. I am confident that I would be able to hold a conversation in Spanish; probably not an intelligent or fast paced one, but I have near perfect grammar, and my vocabulary is ever expanding.
  10. Kaito

    Digimon club!

    Same here :O It isn't possible to connect over WFC is it? Also - SUNFLOWNMON? Lalamon's line makes me smile. :3 Because, y'know, Rosemon and Lalamon.
  11. Kaito

    The LGBT Club

    Aaah, I totally missed this club! ; ; Join plz. </late> I consider myself romantically attracted to women, and can see myself marrying, living with, and having children with a woman. However, I am physically attracted to guys. I don't like labeling myself with bisexual, or homosexual...
  12. Kaito

    Tea or Coffee?

    Re: The great debate I hate the taste of coffee - far too bitter. I like chamomile tea, and green tea late at night, and really enjoy fruit flavored tea. I hardly ever drink it though, however I find it much better tasting than coffee.
  13. Kaito

    Has Pokemon ever embarrassed you?

    I once called a monarch butterfly a shiny Butterfree, and called some passing pigeons Pidgeys. And occasionally I will seriously mistake the word 'splash' when I'm swimming, and immediately think of a Magikarp. And numerous other slips, but I can't think of them at the moment :[
  14. Kaito

    Digimon club!

    JOIN PLZ. RavemonBM is totally where it's at. Also MirageGaogamonBM. Because a scythe, attached to a mace just wins in every way possible. Pretty much all of the Burst Modes are amazing. For discussion points: anyone here have Digimon World: Dawn/Dusk? Damn, I wish Digmon had FCs so that you...
  15. Kaito

    Browser Wars, Part I (aka Browser Discussion)

    Firefox; I don't really care what people use, I use Firefox because it's got a nice layout, and I despise IE.
  16. Kaito

    Old habits in pokemon games

    I almost always pick a team of the following types: Water, Fire, Grass, Electric, Flying, Dragon/Psychic. Probably the most generic you can get, but it was my very first team in Red and it served me quite well. So I did the same in Gold, and then in Ruby, and yeah. I never nickname my Pokémon...
  17. Kaito

    Art... Thread?

    Oh my. Your art is lovely! This is my first time taking a peek inside, but your art is awesome Mhals. :3 I really like your sketch style - it gives each picture a nice, almost old look. I know that hardly sounds like a compliment, but it makes it look like every single picture you do look...
  18. Kaito


    DIGIMON~ As my signature tells. I am becoming completely and utterly obsessed with training all of my Digimon to their top aptitudes, making Burst Modes, and DNA digivolving. And yeah, I always have an obsession, which just gets replaced by another obsession in due time. My previous one was...
  19. Kaito

    the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    I absolutely adored the first three, and the second two were meh, but ok. Definitely not as good as the first ones. I just re-read the third one recently, actually. Life, the Universe, and Everything. Zaphod is by far the most amazing person in the entire book. I have a copy which includes the...
  20. Kaito

    Pokémon Puzzle League

    Re: Pokémon Puzzle League I still can't beat Spa Challenge! D: I get all the way up to Giovanni, and he completely destroys me within what, thirty seconds? I can't handle fast moving blocks. ; ; I mean, I can handle a level 7 computer on 6 difficulty for block speed, but other than that, I...