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  1. Ys_

    The Vortex [Main thread]

    The world crumbled around Jayde Valentina and the only thing she could do was let herself fall into the abyss. The meadow she'd been walking across on her way home from HQ had been swallowed by that.. upside down tornado? Ground typhoon? It was scary, but she remembered the last words her leader...
  2. Ys_

    The Vortex (sign-ups and ooc thread)

    The Vortex I've had this sort of idea for a while now, but I haven't really roleplayed in a while. This is meant to be a more laid-back RP though, so we'll see how it goes ^^ ~ Story: It's a normal day in your home world, or, that's to say, as normal as can be expected, but things have started...
  3. Ys_


    What's your opinion on musicals? Do you have a favorite? You can also talk about musical movies here. I really enjoy musicals and I like watching them live. I also like musical movies, but it's not the same to watch a movie based off a musical than watching said musical live. My favorite...
  4. Ys_

    Match the user above with a Pokémon!

    All right, so a matching game! You have to match the user above with a Pokémon and state why. The reason can be anything. For example: User 1: you're a growlithe because your avatar reminds me of one! User 2: ooh, I match you with an alolan Vulpix because you like Lillie and your personality...
  5. Ys_


    Hi everyone. I'm excited to be here. I'm not a super fan of Pokemon, but I like doing random things like the favorite Pokemon picker, quizzes, and playing the games when I have time. My favorite Pokemon is Dragonair and my favorite main game is Pokemon Heartgold. I enjoy watching anime, chatting...