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  1. DarkAura


    There was bound to be a topic for this sooner or later. So, Undertale! It's a retro kind of game released in September, and the popularity has practically exploded. You play as a fallen human who winds up in the Underground, inhabited by all sort of monsters that are bound to stay there by the...
  2. DarkAura

    Steven Universe Club

    Considering how the show is currently on its holiday hiatus, of course it's the perfect time to start up a club for it. So, while there's a thread for SU already, this club will be used to actually discuss the episodes themselves as they air, going under the assumption that you're already...
  3. DarkAura

    some vague semblance of art

    In which I mean, "hey, I've got art, look at it." Because I thought it'd be fun to post all my art for the world to see. "Wowzers! What dya draw, DA?" A whole lot of things! Sometimes fan art, sometimes little doodles, mostly just drawings I feel turned out nicely. "Gee willickers, how often...
  4. DarkAura

    Super High School Level Mafia Sign Ups

    The Most Despair-Inducing Event in History That's what they called it. Others called it 'the end of the world', but that doesn't make for a very smashing title. Led by a group calling themselves "Super High Schools Level Despair" (though "Ultimate Despair" was much less of a mouthful), their...
  5. DarkAura

    Pokemon Pearl Playthrough

    Now with 20% more tongue twister! Here's the thing. I really wanted to start a screenshot run of Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. Though, I've played Platinum so many times, and I've never played the other two. I didn't want to play Diamond because I wouldn't want people to confuse it with...
  6. DarkAura

    Abridged Series

    You know them. Countless people have tried their hands at them, but, more often than not, they fail. But there are some honest to god funny ones out there! Which abridged series do you like, and remember to also say who made it. You don't want to say Pokemon Abridged when there's, like, fifty of...
  7. DarkAura

    In Progress Twilight Plays Card Games Not On Motorcycles

    Oh hey look, I'm posting a story! I'm confident my writing skills have improved, so let's see where this takes us. And yes, this is a fan fiction about Twilight playing a game of Duel Monsters. This should go on for two or three chapters. ___________________ An impatient hoof tapped the ground...
  8. DarkAura

    Generic Dinner Party Mafia (D1)

    Rules: 1) Three abstains for the entire game. Use them all up? Too bad! You'll have to vote! Use these wisely! 2) OoT communication is allowed 3) Twenty-four to forty-eight hours for night actions and day time discussions 4) Flavor text is important! 5) Only fifteen people at max. 6) Only seven...
  9. DarkAura

    Yo Mama jokes

    Basically, just put some yo mama jokes up. Buuuut...: No racially offensive or religiously offensive yo mama jokes. Really, it's not tolerated anywhere. They're just things you don't make jokes about, and really, they're in bad taste. Don't make yo mama jokes directed at a person's actual mom...
  10. DarkAura

    Adventure Time

    I don't believe there's a club about Adventure Time yet, so, here's one now! Discuss about Adventure Time, anything about it that you find funny, silly, touching, dark, or even bad about it, post it here!
  11. DarkAura

    Generic Dinner Party Mafia (Sign ups closed)

    Hey, you know what's a genius idea? Let's invite all of the people from a certain cul-de-sac and invite them to a dinner party! Oh, but hold on to your hats! It's about to get better! Let's host the party at a mansion! On a cliff! Where the only way to access said house is by a rickety bridge...
  12. DarkAura

    Ever had anything come to you?

    Let me explain a bit; So let's say you were into this radical song a few years back, but you slowly forgot about it over time. Then, on one recent day, you remembered the song, except you still didn't know the last few lyrics. Fast forward a few days later, you're thinking of something totally...
  13. DarkAura

    A Golden Nuzlocke

    Welcome to my Nuzlocke of: Yes, Pokemon Gold! Enjoy the adventures of "..."! Now let's start.
  14. DarkAura

    (Sign ups open) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Roleplay

    So yeah, just a normal Mystery Dungeon roleplay, except there'll be three players in the team instead of two. Everyone loves those, right? Name: (What is the name of your character) Gender: (Self explanatory) Species: (It can be any species that is not legendary, and must be in its first form)...
  15. DarkAura

    The Anagram Game

    Not to be confused with the Acronym Game, the Anagram Game is a game where someone puts a word up, and the next poster has to make another word using the letters from the previous word. EX: Poster 1: Poster Poster 2: Tropes. Animals Poster 1/3: Ma' nails. etc, etc. See what I mean? Then let's...
  16. DarkAura

    Very Very Small Mafia Siete

    Once role PMs are sent, night 0 shall start.
  17. DarkAura

    Very Very Small Mafia Siente

    (Is that how you spell seven in Spanish? I can say it right, but I'm not sure if I can spell it right...) Welcome to VVS7. May the odds ever be in your favor. Rules: Fours players exactly. It wouldn't be VVS without a minimal cast. This isn't not Lost, you know. I'm allowed to confuse you...
  18. DarkAura

    Very Very Small Mafia Six

    Holy shit, this is actually starting? You mean I finally got rid of yiran's contagious Truant ability? Yeah! Finally, Inner Focus! ... Until I evolve into Slaking, that is. Now then, you four know the rules. All role PMs sent. 24 hours for night actions
  19. DarkAura

    Very Very Small Mafia Six (Sign Ups)

    Oh lord, here we go again... Back over a year ago, this series started, where I hosted all the others except for VVS Too, which RK-9 hosted. Now, like, a year later, I'm reviving it. Woo... Rules: Fours players exactly. It wouldn't be VVS without a minimal cast. This isn't not Lost, you know...
  20. DarkAura

    One-Shot Trixie

    (This will be like a My Little Pony episode, but focused on Trixie. And yes, this is Trixie narrating, but in her regular third person. >>) "Citizens of Ponyville! Gaze your eyes on the Great and Powerful Trixie!" Trixie yelled. For some unfathomable reason, they booed at Trixie. "This again...