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  1. Involuntary Twitch

    Pocket Spriter Official Thread (or something)

    We do, actually, so we can have more than one person talking at a time. But you don't need skype yourself to participate, only if you want to talk. Even then, we try to limit the number of people talking because having too many gets confusing and hard to control! ...Anyway, just wanted to say...
  2. Involuntary Twitch

    Pocket Spriter Official Thread (or something)

    I'm involuntarytwitch (as per usual). Seika is iloveuboa. You don't need to add us now; just show up when it's time and we'll add you then.
  3. Involuntary Twitch

    Pocket Spriter Official Thread (or something)

    Figured I might as well post this as a thread, because there are gonna be future pocket spriters and rather than spam other peoples' threads, Seika and I can just bump this one over and over again. Or something. Some of you might have heard of this before; others maybe not. Regardless, it's...
  4. Involuntary Twitch

    Thanks for the Sheebit! x3 ...but, uh, not to diminish your success or anything, but I kinda...

    Thanks for the Sheebit! x3 ...but, uh, not to diminish your success or anything, but I kinda already have icons for Terrabbit and Laissure and I didn't post them because I'm a lazy fuck. They're here: [img]
  5. Involuntary Twitch

    White. And for a certain degree of "get"-- I'm playing it on an emulator, see. Unfortunately, I...

    White. And for a certain degree of "get"-- I'm playing it on an emulator, see. Unfortunately, I started before the english patch came out, so it's all moonrunes. I'm at victory road but I haven't played in about a week. I've been busy with other stuff, and the lag is annoying. (at least battles...
  6. Involuntary Twitch

    oh, not much, not much. Blackan and Whitan, of course.

    oh, not much, not much. Blackan and Whitan, of course.
  7. Involuntary Twitch

    The B/W progress thread

    No spoilers, but here is my team. I just beat the eighth gym. P.S. Gavin is shiny
  8. Involuntary Twitch

    Couple of Black/White questions

    There are no non-Isshu pokemon before you get the national dex. This is not a problem; it makes the game rather like RBY in that regard. And don't worry, you won't be complaining about the lack of diversity; there's adequate choices for every type, pretty much. The post-e4 areas have old...
  9. Involuntary Twitch

    Krazoa has arrived and offers cookies X3

    OH GOD OH GOD SO MANY EMOTICONS I THINK I AM DROWNING IN A WAVE OF RAW HAPPINESS. WHAT IS THIS. ARE THESE A NEW FORM OF ENDING SENTENCES OR SOMETHING. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO REACT. ...but then again, it's not against the rules, and even if it was, nobody cares. So, welcome. I'm Twitch, and I've...
  10. Involuntary Twitch

    Creepy Pokemon Shit

    DID SOMEONE SAY POKEMON LOST SILVER? BECAUSE. LOST SILVER. Creepiest shit ever; the pasta isn't so bad but when you're dealing with the actual recreated version, you realize just how terrifying it can be. I know someone's posted the movie already, but here's the updated version, with battle...
  11. Involuntary Twitch

    Painful nostalgia.

    OH GOD DID SOMEONE SAY MEW'S HANGOUT MEW'S HANGOUT WAS THE BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS I was like 9 or 10 when I joined. And my favorite Pokemon is STILL Plusle what the hell is wrong with me.
  12. Involuntary Twitch

    Morality of Training Pokemon

    So, guys. What's the moral justification people have for removing creatures from their habitats and forcing them to fight each other for fun and profit? There was a cool discussion about it on /vp/ and I want to hear your thoughts on the matter. I... actually, I remember reading something in a...
  13. Involuntary Twitch

    Black & White

    I didn't like Yanappu when it was first revealed, but upon seeing its sprite, I liked it a lot more: Dento has one.
  14. Involuntary Twitch

    Post here to get your +1 while pretending to care about my feelings

    Where can I read more of those comics you and Green share, they are wonderful. Also are you Blue as in the HGSS Viridian gym leader in the english version, Blue as in the japanese name for the RBY girl, Blue as in the game or Blue as in the color?
  15. Involuntary Twitch

    New moderators + reorganisation

    Oh, cool! Congrats you guys, I'm sure you'll be great moderators!
  16. Involuntary Twitch

    In Progress The Role-Playing of Suzumiya Haruhi

    Eh. Scriptfic. I'll be honest: I love Suzumiya Haruhi, but I completely lost interest when I saw you didn't put in the effort to properly format dialogue. I get that it's your first fic, but please invest the effort in making it readable.
  17. Involuntary Twitch

    The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

    So I'm a fan of what may be the most underrated manga on the planet, The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. (No, I didn't write that wrong; that's the actual title.) I'm gonna botch the description, so here's a synopsis from TVTropes. (It's so obscure it doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry!) What...
  18. Involuntary Twitch

    HG/SS Hmm...

    Naw, go with Adaptability and Nasty Plot/Tri Attack/Thunderbolt OR Shadow Ball OR Hyper Beam or something. Because really, Adabtability gives you a 160 (!)-powered Tri Attack which, with a Nasty Plot boost, will basically rip through anything. And then your only problems are Ghosts, and Pokemon...
  19. Involuntary Twitch

    Black & White

    Also related: Pokemon: NGE Version Good Arceus, I love 151chan. EDIT: Americamon is new hawtness. Top percentage of fifth gen Pokemon, along with Tsutaja. I love how it's got an Indian headdress. Like a boss.
  20. Involuntary Twitch

    Black & White