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  1. Zeph

    Farroh v4

    Introduction So I'm back again with my fake region project, kids! I just know you're as excited as I am. Old thread Contents The Farroh Region Pokémon Moves & Abilities Items The Farroh League Pokémon Wood and Iron Miscellaneous As I explained in an update on the old thread two and a half...
  2. Zeph


    Oh hey! I've already tried to come back three times now and failed to get active again, so let's see how well it goes the fourth time. It looks like the forum's kind of died down a little since the old days? I've been a member since I was 13 (I'm 21 now waahh) and I occasionally get a lot of...
  3. Zeph

    My life the past 3 years

    I'm unsure if anyone will be terribly interested in this, and also whether or not this is a good place to put it, but it's generally positive so why the hell not. I vanished from the forum about 3 years ago - well, I stopped posting frequently in any case. That was around the same time I...
  4. Zeph

    The Return III

    Hi again. So yeah this is the third time I've attempted to come back to this place, this time with a shiny new shortened username*! As with the previous two times I'm still surprised how little has changed. Many of the same people are still around, and the forum itself appears to be barely any...
  5. Zeph

    Back, again

    Whooo, it's me! Again. I tried to return to TCoD almost a year ago, but that didn't last long, so don't expect much of this! I could be back for a week, a month, or indefinitely, I don't know. I'd like to become vaguely active again, whether that means posting every day or a couple of times a...
  6. Zeph

    Welcome (back) to the Farroh Region!

    Introduction Hello again! For those of you who remember, I used to make up a fake region way back before Black and White were even heard of. Here is the old thread, for those interested. After Black and White were released, several of my Pokémon and others ideas became redundant since they...
  7. Zeph

    Unexpected foreign language poetry recital?

    So last night I went to a Modern Languages open mic night at my uni, and I was coaxed by my friends into going up to read poetry… I chose (in the very short time I had to decide) to read Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwocky in French (Le Jaseroque) and then in Dutch (Wauwelwok) with a little bit of...
  8. Zeph

    I wonder if you'll remember me?

    I spent around three and a half years of my life on this forum. Feels odd to be back! Apparently I've not posted since December last year, which is even longer ago than I thought. I haven't been very Pokémon-active for a long time, but after attending PokéSoc at my university a couple of times...
  9. Zeph

    A brief description of the last two and a half weeks

    Purely for anybody who may or may not have been wondering about my lack of of presence in the last couple of weeks. Okay, so. On the 28th of August, I met my now-boyfriend. I won't bore you all with the extreme details, but we basically met at my town's gay pride parade (Which I didn't even...
  10. Zeph

    So, the situation in Japan.

    It's really not looking great, eh? Go ahead and discuss. There's not a lot I can say that most people wouldn't already know.
  11. Zeph

    I was on, erm the radio?

    (Yes I know this is a bit silly but oh well!) So yeah, as a bit of backstory, about three years ago I was part of a palaeontology club at my school, and at some point last year we had a sort of 'reunion' and were set about to write, erm, fossil-themed poems and songs for performance at a school...
  12. Zeph

    Suggestions Some art, sometimes.

    Yeah, fine, why not? I've been drawing a bit recently (more than ordinary anyway (ordinary is like one drawing per month)), so I thought I may as well make an art thread! First of all, hello! Obviously I wouldn't say I'm a fantastic artist, but I guess I'm... okay? I'll put three sorts of art...
  13. Zeph

    Huge success!

    We performed the school musical on Thursday, Friday and yesterday. It was relatively awesome! We've received a copious amount of compliments and stuff, and the performances definitely got progressively better. It was a very loose adaptation of the Grimm story "The Musicians of Bremen". The...
  14. Zeph

    In Progress Beyond [Working title; mild language warning]

    This is an idea that's been in planning for, oh, three years or so now? This is the second writing of it, because the first time around it was awfully-written and generally terrible. My writing has, I hope, improved since then. Admittedly even this was written a few months ago, in September I...
  15. Zeph

    So it's your birthday. Or rather, it was your birthday on wednesday but I procrastinated like hell.

    It doesn't feel like a year and three days ago that I was last typing out a birthday thread for you. The last year has flown by, so much has happened. Quite significantly early on, I came to the realisation that I trusted you more than anybody else, and that's why I told you my secrets...
  16. Zeph

    Last Wednesday.

    (Yes I know it's almost a week late, sssh.) Was probably the best day of my life. I'm not going to go into detail here, but, well, it turns out he felt the same way! Yes, people have already started asking questions, there's been prejudice and insults too, but who cares? Most certainly not...
  17. Zeph

    How long should chapters be?

    I vaguely recall a thread like this before, but I thoguht I should bring it up again. Apprxoimately how long, in your opinion, should the average chapter or a book or story be? I understand that it really depends on the format (Book, digital or whatever) and some chapters are deliberately very...
  18. Zeph

    "He's Barack Obama, he's come to save the day"

    Click How epic is this?
  19. Zeph

    How come this thread doesn't exist yet?

    Come on, guys. It's not like it's unimportant. I mean, I don't really think I'm the right person to make this thread, but it seems no-one else will. So, to business! It's Butterfree's birthday today. And also Negrek's. Hooray?!
  20. Zeph

    External Harddrive~

    I just got a 500 GB external drive. It's a stupid amount, I know, but I'll never have to worry about running out of space again! The only downside is it cost around £70, and as I no longer have a job I won't have a steady daily flow of money, but I still have around £60, so it's all fine. Hooray?