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    The city of Skhan was silent. There was a thick mist settling in the streets, though whether it was natural or not was questionable. Moving through the streets were many people and non-people with agendas good, evil and beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. One of the many shadows darting...
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    [CLOSED] The Mirrormen vs the Undead: Cult Wars

    300 years after assimilating the town of Ojespo, the Mirror Master and his demonic minions are preparing to capture a much bigger prize; the city of Skhan. Skhan is built on an important trading route and with control of the city, the Mirror Master will soon have the entire country in his...
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    In the small hamlet of Ojespo, darkness fills the sky. The church bell rings out, marking the beginning of curfew and of a new night. As the townspeople drift away to bed, a mysterious stranger to the town arrives. Walking as if the burdens of the world rested on his shoulders, the stranger...
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    Attack of the Mirrormen

    Right, this is my first attempt at GMing a game of Mafia and only my third game overall, so I might be being overly ambitious in presenting what is, to my limited knowledge, a fairly atypical game of mafia. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. The catch here is that the mafia of this game, the...