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  1. MidnightAgony

    [OPEN] It's the End of the World Party!

    Hey guys, look who's back from about a yearlong vacation. Figured I'd show I'm back with a little (not really...) RP. Premise: People were boarding the huge luxury liner as usual, but without the usual positive tone. People were nervous about what would surely be their last cruise, and why...
  2. MidnightAgony

    Open Team Morphos: The Ex-Breeds

    Team Morphos has created a machine capable of completely changing one creature into another. They had several scientists working on a DNA project that could change the DNA of one life form to a different one. Their main goal was to turn humans into pokemon. They also had to develop an...
  3. MidnightAgony

    Suggestions Pokémon Ranger: That One Story(As in, not PMD!)

    Pokémon Ranger: That One Story(As in, not PMD!) When you read it brix will be shat.*shot* Since everyone seems to be making PMD comics, I thought I'd rip them off be original. So here it is, a Ranger comic. No spoilers since I've never played the game. BEWARE as this comic may turn into a...
  4. MidnightAgony

    Open [PG13 for violence, definate death, and the like]Project Unknown: Hard Beginnings

    The time has come where life has become impossible to sustain on its own. There is a company, called New Life, who has gotten permission from the government to run tests for various projects, which all together form the Project Unknown. At first, they were playing it safe, and testing on plants...
  5. MidnightAgony

    Open [Blockade Only] Legends of Arylettopia: Quest for the Golden Shards

    You are set out to, or stop those who are, find the shattered shards, which are very small. Please note that the finished Golden Stone can fit in one's pocket. Once you find more than one piece, they will fuse into a larger shard. Once all the shards have been found, they will fuse together into...
  6. MidnightAgony

    Open [PG13/T=Blood, Violence, Minor cursing]The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow League

    In the Kingdom of Hyrule, there is a great power that holds the power of the goddesses, Din, Power, Naryu, Wisdom, and Farore, Courage. That power is called the Triforce. Lately, an evil group has come, and the sacred Triforce dissappeared...Two months later the evil group now has a single...
  7. MidnightAgony

    Open The Elemental Mountains~The Roleplay

    Noote: This is not the registration area. That is here. Current Objectives: Get at least 1 more original and 2 clones to begin. Previous objectives: None
  8. MidnightAgony

    The Elemental Mountains~Registration and OOC

    The Elemental Mountains (Starting from creation of mountains, or CM) Day 1, Month 1, Year 1 CM The world was at war. Blood, gore and violence coveredthe planet.18 mountains, each of a respective type, appeared out of no where. The last two mountains, the 18th represented Light and Dark. The war...
  9. MidnightAgony

    Open Eclipse: The Beginning

    Eevee Flareon Vaporeon Jolteon Espeon Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon All the Eeveelutions. All together. All alone. Their enemies...the world, for only a few dare to help them. They are spread into three groups, one of each species per group. One of the groups can morph between human and PokeMon, at...
  10. MidnightAgony

    ChaosTres' Sprite Contest!

    I know there's already a few out there, everyone likes choice, right? Contest #1: Splice Umbreon/Ho-Oh, Espeon/Lugia, Flareon/Entei, Jolteon/Raikou, Vaporeon/Suicune or Eevee/Celebi. Entrants(4): Worst Username Ever(Finished) Mewtwo(Finished) Flora and Ashes(Finished) iLike2EatPiez(Finished)...
  11. MidnightAgony

    ChaosTres' Sprite Shop!

    Accesories not included. Hello everybody this is my sprite shop! I edited it to make it more appealing, and so it's just me now. Sprite Shop Partnerships: Mewtwo's Sprite Shop! Splices: And my most popular sprite: meet BLAZENOIR! Recolors: Take recolored Cyndaquil, Eevee and Houndour...
  12. MidnightAgony

    [DEAD] Pokémon: A Tale of Time

    [DEAD] Pokémon: A Tale of Time Welcome to the region of Hokena! I finally decided (since the forums were wiped clean) to update P:AToT This region has many places to be to keep you entertained. There are many trainers and pokémon to enjoy and battle with.You can play as a trainer and/or a...
  13. MidnightAgony

    The Chaos is Here Yet Again!

    Yay! I'm here! The Chaos is back. Whatever. Yeah. So... Yeah...