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    One-Shot Pikachu's Real Goodbye

    ok so, again, i've been watching a lot of the pokemon anime. one of the eps i saw last night was Pikachu's Goodbye. short version: Ash + friends meet a bunch of wild Pikachu in a forest. After saving one of the baby Pikachu from dying in a waterfall, Ash's Pikachu has a fun time with the other...
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    Rewatching Pokémon Anime as a 21-Year-Old Adult

    Rewatching Pokémon Anime as a 21-Year-Old Adult (Original title: "List of Things Team Rocket is Better At Than Stealing Pokémon". This was originally supposed to be just that. It is has since turned into a general "Watching Pokémon as an Adult" thread after about 8 posts. Album of excellent...
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    Describe your favorite video game and make it sound as bad as possible.

    Title says all. Here's mine, crossposted from the place I originally found this game: Favorite game: You're in a magical world where jumping into paintings allows you to go into other worlds. However, unlike Kirby: Canvas Curse, the game makes very little attempt to explain this, no boss and...
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    halp brudfay buterfreee AND NEGEERK

    its you'r birtfhdayS to day!!!! have a HalpyY one. (no i'm not drunk)
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    ten years a tcod member

    On November 26, 2005, a few weeks after turning 11, I joined the TCoD forums under the name "Glittermew151" (later changed to G-Mew) with the usertitle "The World's #1 Mew Fangirl!" and have been here pretty much nonstop ever since. my introduction post: this is where my name came from: and...
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    Help with ripping GBA MIDIs?

    hello yes so I am attempting to upload the soundtracks of the four localized Hamtaro games (Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!, Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games, and Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue) to youtube, because nobody else has uploaded a full OST for any of these games. I've so far...
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    Steven Universe

    alright y'all i know there are people here that watch it and it's probably more than just me, VM, and DarkAura Basically it's a Cartoon Network cartoon that has been making waves on the Internet the same way My Little Pony did in 2010. It has deep, nuanced characters (PEARL my baby I understand...
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    How many Pokédexes (or Pokédex equivalents) have you completed?

    How many Pokédexes (or Pokédex equivalents) have you completed? Right, so if you don't have signatures blocked and actually give a shit about people's signatures, mine has been tracking my progress in both Mystery Dungeon Blue and Omega Ruby for a while now. Earlier tonight I recruited Jirachi...
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    Realistic Mafia: The Search for Lilycolo

    It's been a while since I ran a Mafia game so I'm going to run a fairly standard one. Not going to bother posting roles and stuff though because that obviously depends on how many people sign up!
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    Super Mystery Dungeon

    Bulbapedia and Serebii confirmed today that upcoming is a game called Super Mystery Dungeon. I never played Gates to Infinity but I've heard mixed things, I was never interested though because you couldn't recruit everything which defeated half the point. I hope they rectify that (and many...
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    [ORAS] Anyone ever noticed this?

    I ain't sleeping tonight
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    [For Trade] Various Pokémon for trade

    [For Trade] Various Pokémon for trade So now that I've got 200 wins on the Battle Maison, I have a shitton of extra breeding Pokémon I have. They all have good natures for their species, most of them have at least 1 perfect IV (up to 3). I have the following species (and a shitton of each in...
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    Gates to Infinity

    who has played this and would you recommend it
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    Notice the absolute lack of anyone saying they'd ever gotten 11.93... versus a youtube video and some widespread talk about 11.95 being the fastest time in ORAS... You heard it here first.
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    [Wanted] HA Fletchling

    As the title says I would like an HA Fletchling (or any member of its evolutionary line). IVs, nature, moves, nickname, etc. irrelevant. Can offer HA Froakie, Gible, or Dratini for your trouble. I can also offer literally any species of Pokémon you may desire sans legendaries and shinies (non HA...
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    I finally did the thiiiing

    I haven't been relieved with a video game in a long time ok cut me some slack So around five years ago I decided it was necessary to unlock everything (or at least all the stages and characters) in Super Smash Bros Melee. Yeah yeah I'm oldschool, why wasn't I playing brawl or waiting for smash...
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    [For Trade] Extra Mega Stones

    Hey guys, I've got a few extra Mega Stones I'm willing to trade off, should anyone want them: Charizard (X and Y) Mewtwo Y Tyranitar Houndoom Heracross Aggron
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    [OR/AS] ORAS Progress

    Now that the games are out (in everywhere but Europe anyway) it's time for a general ORAS thread in the Main Series subforum. So, post your progress, preliminary thoughts, teams, etc. here. My thoughts: -SHINY WHISMUR this is perf because I was planning on using an Exploud anyway -DexNav is the...
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    The trades have been completed.
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    Vivillon giveaway!! [Finished]

    All trades have been completed.