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  1. Echo

    Hilarious, virus-induced, IE warning.

    I just got this, and almost died of laughter when I read it. Somebody failed epically when making their virus. Their punishment for laziness was 101 annoying trojans from me. Also, I don't even use IE.
  2. Echo

    Pokemon of the Conga Line (PotV Parody)

    DISCLAIMER: This RP is in NO WAY serious... DISCLAIMER*2: If you aren't random you will be slapped with a banana and escorted to a toilet. After Lucidia captured Joe, the Pie pokemon, everybody just kinda stood around and danced. The purpose of this RP is to prevent the old one from becoming...
  3. Echo

    Open [Finished, yet I'm too lazy to close.] PotPie

    DISCLAIMER: This RP is in NO WAY serious... DISCLAIMER*2: This was rushed. In the region of Pie-Urikan, a great force stirs... Sensing the arrival of a hilarious group of people who need medication, it awakens. It is a legendary, which, up to this point, has been covered up by the government...