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  1. mewtini

    behind the avatar, redux^2

    old one's most recent post was from 2016 and i felt too weird to necro it i still vividly remember my post from 2014 in that thread, it haunts me every day anyway post pictures of "yourself" in "meatspace" if you want
  2. mewtini

    pop punk mafia wtf

    welcome to the black parade so in 2011, me of the beforetimes issued a doomed mafia game. i tried so hard. i did not get far. anyway so basically i have to redeem myself which i will do with this game! if y'all join anyway it's masterful, it's beautiful, and most importantly, it features...
  3. mewtini


    hey tcod! i have returned after a long period of nonexistence. i'm mewtini/psychtini/indigo whatever the fuck i went by a few years ago. i think i was known for being weirdly young and on the internet and for having a psychotic father who, for the record, hasn't gotten any better. what HAS...
  4. mewtini

    heya, part infinity

    hey, all. this is one of the many times i've kind of come back, but whatever! most of you probably remember me as either mewtini or indigo, in which case, i'm really sorry bc i was terrible back then and i'm still terrible. but i digress. i missed this place and figured i'd check back in for a...
  5. mewtini

    status update: am not dead

    HELLO FRIENDS I'm Mewtini and probably only about 2 people here still remember me because I've been nonexistent since like 2013???? I think basically I have not died and wanted to check back in with all the peoples here! A lot of things have happened with me and apparently a lot of people are...
  6. mewtini

    It's time, you guys ... :(

    I've been hinting at this for so long, but it's time now. I'm leaving again. Actually, on Wednesday, but I don't know if I'll be here before that or not. If I have any chance to get on before Wednesday, I will be on IRC if at all. I wish it didn't have to end like this. Maybe someday in the...
  7. mewtini

    Church of Illumination

    This is HORRIBLE. No one here's gonna like this site. Have fun!
  8. mewtini

    jail and death penalty

    What do you guys think of jail and/or the death penalty? See, look. I'm against the death penalty myself, and don't agree with how jail is used (at least in America.) If there's an insane guy running around the country killing ten people every week, hell yes, incarcerate him. But I don't like...
  9. mewtini

    Monsters University

  10. mewtini

    TCoD Linux OS

    Hi! So I was talking with Hiikaru the other day and we were saying that it'd be really cool if TCoDf banded together and made our own Linux operating system! A lot of us can't program it alone but some of us know bits of code and I think it'd be super-fun! And obviously, we'd want it to be a...
  11. mewtini

    The Advertisment Game

    I'm not one of you major FGers so bear with me! Basically, one person posts an advertisement for a thing x, and posts a thing y. The next poster makes an ad about thing y, and then posts thing z. Examples! And so forth. I'll post the first ad topic: A Hewlett-Packard laptop
  12. mewtini


    !!! Remember Bible Quiz. Remember Regional Finals. Remember that girl who said that we'd lose. ...okay we didn't win. We were fifth place out of sixteen. But we had like two people less than almost all the other teams! AND I WAS FIRST PLACE HIGH SCORER THAT'S COOL ohmygosh
  13. mewtini

    CSS: help meeeee with menu items

    so I have a menu and I have li:hover so that when I hover over it the background color lights up but the color goes only from the left edge of the link text to the right edge here, have a wonderful text-graphic thing That <---> is the space I want highlighted. The |Text here | part is the...
  14. mewtini


    Is there already a thread for this. MINECRAFT OH MY GOSH i'm never gonna be productive never ever ever never again ; ;
  15. mewtini

    Favorite Posts

    This is my favorite thing ever.
  16. mewtini

    The Café of Doom

    The Café of Doom We needed another one. So let's start us off with a round of tea and cod, waitress! Also, hey, go and turn on the Codfish Blues on the jukebox.
  17. mewtini

    Favorite Commercials

    ...and if you have one, you should be ashamed of buying into the monopoly that is ADVERTISING. But yeah, I actually like Geico commercials (especially this one.)
  18. mewtini


    We've all heard this one before. Here're my specific points, but it can be a lot more general! Should kids have cellphones? Is stuff like Facebook okay? What does technology do to real life discussion? What do you think about internet dating?
  19. mewtini

    Duane Buck

  20. mewtini

    Requests Open i draw stuff sometimes i think

    that place with the silly procrastinating kid welp this is just a ploy to force myself to draw 'cause if I don't I'm disappointing people But yeah, I draw Pokemon! Check out my (admittedly short) art thread in my signature for an example or two. (I also drew my avatar, so.) And if you're...