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  1. IndigoClaudia


    I was thinking... one day, it's almost definite that robots and AI will eventually get to the point where they can like, you know, live in society and other robot-y stuff. What do you think about Robots and AI? there's a lot to talk about. I for one, will be excited to have robots living among...
  2. IndigoClaudia

    If the above user's avatar walked through your front door, how would you react?

    I'll start. There's no user above me, so i'll just, do the little butterfree that is always watching over TCoD. If a butterfree flew through my door, i might be a little scared. Butterfrees are sort of... large and their eyes kind of freak me out. and then, the next poster would say how they...
  3. IndigoClaudia

    Appreciate the Underapprectiated Pokémon

    Yes ik this is on april fools, but i have an idea to make a little thread where every day/week/whenever i feel like it, i'll write about pokémon that usually go unnoticed and write a little paragraph about what makes them so cool. This is not a prank :3 Entry 1 - Drowzee & Hypno There aren't...
  4. IndigoClaudia

    Fun Challenges

    Pokemon games are a lot of fun, but... they aren't really hard except for black and white gosh it's so hard. In order to spice up your game, i made up a few challenges that people can try. Feel free to suggest your own challenges, or talk about your play through with this challenge in this...
  5. IndigoClaudia

    Snom Reviews

    Here's where i will put funny or wholesome reviews for snom plush so that it can cheer you up or something. You are also welcome to upload reviews that you found and enjoyed (of any pokeplush, not just snom) (This guy also has good taste in favorite pokemon imao!!)
  6. IndigoClaudia

    Indigo Corner Pre-release updates thread

    I figured i should make my own one, seeing as i don't want to clutter the main fansite update hub.
  7. IndigoClaudia

    Out of context pokémon screenshots

    now it's your turn
  8. IndigoClaudia

    Indigo's Art Thread

    I decided to start an art thread for all things pokemon-art related! that i draw So far it's just scared yamask, but i may draw some more things... i have a bunch of sketches just waiting to be turned into good art.
  9. IndigoClaudia

    2020 Post of the year

    Last year was a good year for the forums and so, i have an idea. Everybody may submit one post (forum post of profile post, i'm not picky) on the cave of dragonflies that they thought was funny or clever, and they will quote it in the replies. the first eight (seven, cause i want to contribute...
  10. IndigoClaudia

    Chaos Mafia

    Chaos Mafia It's Mafia, But With A Twist You can choose your role, as long as it's been approved by me. With so many power roles that will exist (unless someone wants to be a towny but like who does that), it's gonna be about 50% Mafia to 50% Townspeople, so it's gonna be... chaotic, to say the...
  11. IndigoClaudia

    Website Questions II

    Hey y'all, i'm back at a new website. My HTML + CSS, and general webmaster skills have gone up a level. (Sadly though, i'm not working on a pokemon website. If i have time and enough people want it, i may make a subsite which will just be Indigo's Corner 2 with better CSS, although i'll ask TCoD...
  12. IndigoClaudia

    A silly introduction thingy actually not silly but still worth reading

    Heyo! Name's Lyssa. Wait... i'm Emmy? Right? nope. Lyssa. See, i have this thing called OSDD (other specified dissociative disorder) and we're like 8+ people all sharing the same brain. It's not cringy, it's a very real thing, we aren't axe murderers, and we aren't personalities, we're...
  13. IndigoClaudia

    What's the deal with this thingy?

    Hey, remember me? The girl who would ask too many HTML questions? Well, i'm back at it again making a new website (It's not really related to pokemon tho :| sorry) And as usual, i completely screwed something up already. See the little grey things around that blue box? I don't want there to be a...
  14. IndigoClaudia

    A big javascript question.

    Hi! I've been learning a bit more javascript, but i still don't know how i would do something, and i want to know how to do something for a pretty big project. So, the project is basically, there's a quiz. But instead of a normal quiz, it outputs a code. So as an example, there would be 3...
  15. IndigoClaudia

    Just a quick javascript question.

    How would let users input something, and based on their input, it displays certain text. E.G if the user inputs "Fish" the word "bloop" displays, or if someone inputs "234jdfg" you get, "sorry, i didn't recognize this." or something. Does anybody know how i could do that?
  16. IndigoClaudia

    NaNoWriMo people!

    Hello friends! NaNoWriMo is upon us in the following months, so let's discuss any upcoming projects and share our NaNo Forums accounts!
  17. IndigoClaudia

    Ban the user above you.

    Ban the user above you for a silly reason. Example: Banned for making this thread.
  18. IndigoClaudia

    Silliest threads.

    Ok after The InicidentTM i got thinking about silly threads. Does anyone who's been around here know any really silly threads. So far we have I a boob Pokemon Ultraton
  19. IndigoClaudia

    Are ROMs and Emulation ethical?

    So the other day i was downloading a ROM and then this question came to me. What are your opinions on this? My opinions are this: I will never download a ROM that could still be regularly bought. For example, i wouldn't download nintendo switch ROMs, but I could download a 3DS game. I will...
  20. IndigoClaudia

    But, verily, it be the nature of dreams to end.

    Hello everybody! This is not a forever thing, and you can expect me to linger around a bit more this coming week. But, I'm busier now, and i'm thinking i may not be on here very much if at all for a little while because i have other projects to work on, and school and such. Don't think this is...