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  1. DrClef

    MODS = Gods and Kings.

    They have graced us with their protection by banning several scammers today, they would've hacked our accounts had they not stopped it. ASBers can rest easy now knowing that we are being watched over, I wish to personally thank the staff for the time they have spent making sure this forum is...
  2. DrClef

    Who is "flygon"?

    Seriously, everyone I've asked has either ignored my question and have refused further contact or has tried to dodge around it like it's some kind of taboo to mention them. I want answers, who is this "flygon" person and why do they have you all so worked up? Why have you all ignored my...
  3. DrClef

    TCoD Universe Mafia - Signup thread

    I've checked with the owner, apparantly this is allowed! ================================== Rules 'n' stuffs: -24 hour period between day and night phases. -This is a choice Mafia, you can chose ANY AND ALL characters relating to TCoD, Fanfiction on TCoD, Your own characters, Usernames, Banned...
  4. DrClef

    Man shot 3 times in head survives.

    http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2012/10/03/n-dakota-man-shot-3-times-in-head-survives/ This should not be possible, but it is.
  5. DrClef

    "That guy" thread

    Everyone has one, name a person you've met that's acted really strange be it online or real life.
  6. DrClef

    Fanfic recommendations?

    I understand you guys aren't google, but seeing as I've found the Pokemon anime rather lacking these days can anyone suggest some fanfics for me to read? Thank you.
  7. DrClef

    The Grand Theft Auto series

    Who has played any of the GTA games? I've played San Andreas, Four, and Five.
  8. DrClef

    Greetings from The Foundation!

    Hello, I am Doctor Clef, one of the scientists working for [DATA EXPUNGED]. My job here is to browse your website for any anomalous properties, anyone who doesn't comply will be on Keter duty from now on. Anyway, hello guys! I think I used to have an account here a few years back in like 2011...