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  1. Equinoxe

    Fallout 4

    Why isn't there a thread for FALLOUT 4 yet??? TOOT TOOT All aboard the hype train! This is looking EXTREMELY FINE and I'm excited, to say the least :O
  2. Equinoxe

    Eon Ticket PSA!

    Someone on the pokemon trading subreddit linked to a Taiwanese Pokemon Facebook page, from which you can get a code for an Eon Ticket just by inputting your email (you'll need a FB account for that, but you can just make a fake one quickly like I did). The codes apparently work in PAL, JPN and...
  3. Equinoxe

    Winter wonders!

    So, although a lot of things with winter are kind of unpleasant (face freezing off, your car under a huge pile of snow, snow in your boots, whatever), there are at least a few positive things that come with it. Why not discuss this chilling season, then? First of all, I love those pretty winter...
  4. Equinoxe

    What's your play time on X/Y?

    Today, I hit the magical 600 hour mark on my Y, and the idea to make this thread emerged from the depths my mind. How many hours of your life have you spent/wasted on X/Y already? How have you spent that time? Trading, battling, training, breeding? I've personally spent an illegally high...
  5. Equinoxe

    X/Y Progress thread

    I think it's high time someone made this. Post your X/Y progress here for all to see and track how others are doing! I just started and everything is amazing. This is going to be so great :O Game: Y Player: Hans Current team: Fuhrer the Fennekin, male, level 7 0 badges
  6. Equinoxe

    Editing thread titles.

    So, I noticed this some time ago: if I edit the title of the first post, the new title appears on it but not on the thread itself. Has something changed forum-wise or am I magically cursed for changing the title of my art thread whenever I posted something new? (it's not super important to me...
  7. Equinoxe

    PETA's Pokemon parody

    So no one's posted this yet? It's a short game... and, well, just play it yourself. It's actually kind of weird that they haven't done something like this before. I'm really interested in seeing how Nintendo reacts to this. I'm personally not sure whether this... thing is hilarious or plain...
  8. Equinoxe

    Gingerbread houses, anyone?

    It's almost Christmas, and one of the things I enjoy the most is creating a horrible gingerbread abomination for my own enjoyment. I never really plan these which is the main reason they look so horrible. :D You can totally see the spirit of Christmas just... oozing out of this gloriou$...
  9. Equinoxe

    Does anyone know the name of this movie? (solved)

    I saw this movie on TV a few years ago, but I didn't memorize the title or any of the actors' names or anything. Now I'd really want to see it again but I just can't find it anywhere (been googling and searching for a long time), and it's driving me nuts. Even tried some 'What's that movie'...
  10. Equinoxe

    Pokemon hats!

    Me and my big sis decided to try and do some Pokemon hats for ourselves because apparently this winter is gonna be the coldest in 100 years or something like that. We chose Entei and Raikou because they're cool and easily converted into hat form P: She bought us some fleece and we just made up...
  11. Equinoxe


    I though that synesthesia might be an interesting subject since I would love to know whether there are other synesthetes on this forum. (if you don't know what synesthesia is, Wikipedia can probably help you) I identify myself as a grapheme → colour synesthete, as certain letters, words and...
  12. Equinoxe

    Requests Closed You ask, you get icon.

    Well, seeing as making pixel-icons is quite fun and people say I should, I'm opening a 'shop' (why is it called a shop if you just do things for free? :V). All I'm offering right now are pokemon icons, examples here: You want a request form? Well, okay. The only required field is the...
  13. Equinoxe

    Your collections

    I'm pretty sure almost every one of us has some sort of a collecting hobby thing going on. This thread is for discussing them, obviously. I'm currently collecting official Pokemon merchandise (mostly figurines, plushies, TCG cards and the like) and stones (gemstones and other cool ones). I have...
  14. Equinoxe

    Underwear= important and should be discussed

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread like this here already (or maybe there's been one ages ago?). Panties are totally serious business. B| Here we shall discuss our underwear: what kind of panties/boxers/whatever are you wearing under all that clothing? What colour? What shape? What do you...
  15. Equinoxe

    I put the "x" in pixel

    I put the "x" in 'pixel' I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or not. Anyway, I like doing pixel art every once in a while (and I'm spriting for a fan game but I've been out of inspiration for pkmn style sprites for a while). So I thought I might as well show you some of the...
  16. Equinoxe

    the space around the stars

    I draw. I use Photoshop CS and a Wacom Bamboo tablet (the cheapest one, of course, but it works) and sometimes regular pen and paper. I'm very open to critique, in fact I encourage it. Rip my drawings apart (figuratively) and I'll love you forever. Here are some of my newest/not old drawings...
  17. Equinoxe

    What is it with me and forums

    I always end up registering on all sorts of forums in hopes of finding people with similar interests. Maybe it's just because I like rambling on about my favourite things? Maybe it's just the fact that Black and White are coming? So yeah. The username's Equinoxe (named after an amazing album by...