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  1. Drifloon Rocks

    Rainbow Ninetales

    What do you think? It's just recolored Sugimori art but I really like it.
  2. Drifloon Rocks

    Requests Open Recolored Sugimori Art

    I got a new version of Photoshop that works on this computer. This shop is for recolors of Ken Sugimori Pokemon Art. I can do shinies, albinos, or any colors you want. Please try to be as specific as you can in your requests. Here are some examples of my work: Shiny Drifloon Albino Buneary...
  3. Drifloon Rocks

    Welcome to the Marah Region! Pokemon Ivory and Pokemon Ebony!

    Welcome to the Marah Region! The Marah Region is a fan-made region of the Pokemon world made by me, Drifloon Rocks. There are many new concepts, items, Pokemon, and much more. The Marah Region is designed for a game on the DS. Because of this, many of the features will include how the touch...
  4. Drifloon Rocks


    This doesn't belong in the absences thread. You may have noticed that i have been much less active on the forums as of late. I'm pretty much quitting the forums. I'll still lurk and post once in a while, but I don't really have anything to contribute to the site, since I suck at updating...
  5. Drifloon Rocks

    The Christmas Present Thread!

    Post what you got for Christmas! I FINALLY got a Wii! OHMYGOSH I'M SO HAPPY!
  6. Drifloon Rocks

    What trainer are you in a Pokemon game?

    Is there a trainer in a game with your name? My name is David. There is a Black Belt in Byron's gym named David. He has an Onix and a Steelix.
  7. Drifloon Rocks

    Requests Open Drifloon's Splice and Recolor Shop!

    Welcome to my splice and recolor shop! This is Hot Cocoa, my Drifloon. He runs the shop. He will be happy to make you a splice or recolor! He can only do 2 Pokemon at a time, though. If you use any of my sprites, please credit me! My favorites: Who you callin' slow? Just cool. Nothing else...
  8. Drifloon Rocks


    I got y Driver's Permit today! It's 2 years late, since I' afraid to drive, but y dad made me get it. I passed the test and got y Permit, and y dad made me drive home. I've never driven before today, so it was terrifying. But still, I guess I'm eager to be ale to drive. Colorado State law...
  9. Drifloon Rocks

    What do the plus signs next to usernames in the Active Users area on the main page mean?

    Topic. I'm curious as to what they mean.
  10. Drifloon Rocks


    ^That. Try not to be too inappropriate. Q: If there were 4 potatoes in a room, which one would be the prostitute? A: The one that's labeled "IDAHO"
  11. Drifloon Rocks

    If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?

    No fair saying Ditto since it can transform into any Pokemon (or Mew, for that matter). I would be a Drifloon (duhduhduhduhduh) because it can fly and is plushy and cute and stuff.
  12. Drifloon Rocks

    What makes you laugh about Pokemon?

    Anything from the Anime, games, Manga, merchandise, fandom... Whatever makes you laugh about Pokemon, post it here. In the Battle Pike in Emerald, there was this one collector who introduced himself by saying "POUND THE THICK FAT ON MY BELLY DRUM !" I laughed so hard that I lost, and he said...
  13. Drifloon Rocks

    What ships do you sail?

    I just want to know what everyone else thinks. NO ARGUING! Just post what you ship and maybe why. PokeShipping- Ash and Misty: It was there from the beginning of the show, and there were so many hints. ContestShipping- May and Drew: Watch the Hoenn and Battle Frontier episodes. It's obvious...
  14. Drifloon Rocks

    New Sprite Contest/Army board

    I think they should add a seperate section for Sprite Contests and Armies/Collections so people can still have contests and armies without clogging up the other board. Does anyone else agree with me on this?
  15. Drifloon Rocks

    What would be a good game story?

    I know we're all tired of "Team Evil wants to use a legendary's power to take over the world, so you have to battle and/or catch the legendary to save the world" story, so what do you think would be a better story? I really liked the PMD2 story. It has lots of plot twists and wasn't boring...
  16. Drifloon Rocks


    Post cute pictures here. Remember, not only animals can be cute!
  17. Drifloon Rocks


    I want to see what people think about cloning. It is right in some cases? In my opinion, once we learn how to clone only organs, that would be a medical breakthrough for transplants and should be used. But I don't believe in cloning a human just for it's organs is okay. I think that cloning...
  18. Drifloon Rocks

    Labor Day

    Ah... Labor Day. The day that has no point other than allowing everyone to take a day off from work. And give furniture stores another reason for a sale.
  19. Drifloon Rocks

    Describe your day in Pokemon battle lingo!

    The only rule is that you must only use phrases that you can find in an actual Pokemon battle, excepting names of Pokemon. No saying stuff like "DRIFLOON used GO TO SCHOOL!" since that's not a real move. You must use real battle commands and not made up ones. You can only make up names of...
  20. Drifloon Rocks

    How many siblings do you have?

    I have two older sisters, one older brother, one younger sister, and one younger brother.