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  1. Squornshellous Beta

    Kirukitty vs. Eifie (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Kirukitty's Active Squad Charmander Anna (Female) Ability: Blaze Eevee Kiru (Female) Ability: Adaptability Vulpix Adri (Female) Ability: Flash Fire Eifie's Active Squad Torchic Ismene (Female) Ability: Blaze Eevee Adelle (Female) Ability: Adaptability Sentret Mimsy (Female) Ability: Keen...
  2. Squornshellous Beta

    Kinda complicated javascript project that I have no idea how to do.

    So. This is a project I'm working on, and my googling has turned up no useful results. So I'm hoping someone can help out. Firstly, I would want to declare a variable. That variable would take its initial value from a text input. If a checkbox was checked, it would multiply the variable by...
  3. Squornshellous Beta

    Coroxn vs. Ampharos (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Coroxn's Active Squad Piplup Happy Feet (Male) Ability: Torrent Shellder The Fence (Male) Ability: Shell Armor Held Item: Water Stone Starly Kevin (Male) Ability: Keen Eye Held Item: item Abra Uri Geller (Male) Ability: Inner Focus Sableye Lostprophet (Female) Ability: Keen Eye Frillish...
  4. Squornshellous Beta

    sreservoir vs. RK-9 (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    sreservoir's Active Squad Ralts Vilya (Female) Ability: Synchronize Dragonair Nenya (Female) Ability: Shed Skin Vulpix Narya (Female) Ability: Flash Fire Held Item: Fire Stone Porygon God (Genderless) Ability: Download Held Item: Up-Grade Woobat (Female) Ability: Simple Larvesta Solar...
  5. Squornshellous Beta

    Daycare Centre, the reboot

    Daycare Center Pokémon Care and Group Play Facility Almost the second you ring the doorbell to the newly-constructed building near the starter shop, it swings open and a girl emerges, trailed by about twelve little baby Pokémon. She smiles. "Hello! You're one of our first guests." She...
  6. Squornshellous Beta

    Pal Park (v 3.0)

    You find yourself coming across a large building at the end of a long sea route. You find it rather out of place, but you enter anyway. Inside you find yourself talking to a little old lady (with 'Pillow World' written in marker on her arm) at the desk: "Welcome to Pal Park! We used to allow...
  7. Squornshellous Beta

    Favourite made-up words

    So I was wondering if anyone else has any made-up words they really like! I'm quite fond of Flailure, myself. So anybody?
  8. Squornshellous Beta

    Karkat Vantas vs. Metallica Fanboy V (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Karkat Vantas's Gen V Active Squad Deino Optica (Female) Ability: Hustle Held Item: EXP Share Trubbish Truflais (Male) Ability: Aftermath Held Item: Black Sludge Larvesta Sunstar (Male) Ability: Flame Body Druddigon Bilinda Butcher (Female) Ability: Rough Skin Dwebble Concrete Beater...
  9. Squornshellous Beta

    Karkat Vantas vs. Metallica Fanboy (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Karkat Vantas's Fudgie Wailmer Fudgie (Male) Ability: Oblivious Item: Muscle Band Metallica Fanboy's Warfare Carvanha Warfare (Female) Ability: Rough Skin Item: Scope Lens First Round - Karkat Vantas sends out - Metallica Fanboy sends out and attacks - Karkat Vantas attacks - I ref
  10. Squornshellous Beta

    bulbasaur vs. Byrus (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    bulbasaur's Active Squad Bulbasaur Thallium (Male) Ability: Overgrow Held Item: Leaf Stone Vulpix Bromine (Female) Ability: Flash Fire Buizel Cuprum (Male) Ability: Swift Swim Held Item: Oran Berry Sandshrew Aurum (Male) Ability: Sand Veil Pachirisu-f Oxygen (Female) Ability: Run Away Held...
  11. Squornshellous Beta

    Lord of the Fireflies vs. Blastoise Fortooate (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Lord of the Fireflies's Unevolved Squad Swablu Plume (Female) Ability: Natural Cure Swinub Blitz (Male) Ability: Oblivious Body Mod: Static Fur Baron (Male) Ability: Flame Body Held Item: Dusk Stone Surskit Peach (Female) Ability: Swift Swim Shroomish Mars (Male) Ability: Poison Heal...
  12. Squornshellous Beta

    Phantom vs. Newton (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Phantom's Active Squad Charmeleon Kadan (Male) Ability: Blaze Haunter Hades (Male) Ability: Levitate Held Item: Reaper Cloth Manectric Arete (Female) Ability: Lightningrod Riolu Fenris (Male) Ability: Steadfast Nidoranm Zelus (Male) Ability: Poison Point Geodude Hephaestus (Male) Ability...
  13. Squornshellous Beta

    BlackTitress vs. Eon Spirit (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    BlackTitress's Active Squad Snivy Nagrenda (Male) Ability: Overgrow Zorua Blanka (Female) Ability: Illusion Rufflet Arkaitz (Male) Ability: Sheer Force Ralts Avalon (Male) Ability: Trace Eon Spirit's Active Squad Pichu Spatz (Male) Ability: Static Held Item: Light Ball Poochyena Onikami...
  14. Squornshellous Beta

    The Bank (2.0)

    The Bank It's probably the largest building in the strip-mall-sized commercial center of the Safari Zone. That's still not saying much, though; it's only a few square feet and staffed by a grand total of one person. Still, it does its job, which is to keep track of all of the tills and savings...
  15. Squornshellous Beta

    Flik vs. Nyuu (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Flik's Active Squad Charmander Mars (Male) Ability: Blaze Lapras Valeria (Female) Ability: Water Absorb Horsea Elric (Male) Ability: Swift Swim Staryu Pisaster (Genderless) Ability: Natural Cure Nyuu's Active Squad Charmander Flicker (Female) Ability: Blaze Mienfoo Foofoo (Male) Ability...
  16. Squornshellous Beta

    Kratos Aurion vs. Espeon (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Kratos Aurion's NFE Squad Eevee Emil Castagnier (Male) Ability: Adaptability Held Item: Thunderstone Dragonair Yggdrasill (Male) Ability: Shed Skin Held Item: Lucky Egg Wyrmal Herculaneum (Male) Ability: Magma Armor Held Item: Lucky Egg Skelitten Sheol (Female) Ability: Pressure Held Item...
  17. Squornshellous Beta

    Ampharos vs. ole_schooler vs. Mawile (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Ampharos's Active Squad Scyther Kositi (Male) Ability: Technician Held Item: Metal Coat Golett Levijatan (Genderless) Ability: Iron Fist Taillow Kokoška (Female) Ability: Guts Timburr Izudarati (Male) Ability: Sheer Force Alomomola Prijetnja (Female) Ability: Hydration ole_schooler's...
  18. Squornshellous Beta

    Sonic Rainboom vs. bulbasaur (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Sonic Rainboom's Active Squad Snivy (Female) Ability: Overgrow Munna Flowery Guy (Male) Ability: Synchronize Litwick Flitwick (Female) Ability: Flash Fire Venipede Uncreative (Female) Ability: Poison Point Hoppip Hoopla (Female) Ability: Chlorophyll bulbasaur's Active Squad Bulbasaur...
  19. Squornshellous Beta


    Does anyone know of a good, free web host? It would be preferred to have medium-to-high bandwith, no forced ads, and maybe support for PHP, but that's about it.
  20. Squornshellous Beta

    Metallica Fanboy & Grass King vs. Karkat Vantas & Legendaryseeker99 (ref: Squornshellous Beta)

    Team Role-oriented Programming Metallica Fanboy's Active Squad Vigoroth Megatherium (Male) Ability: Vital Spirit Held Item: Razor Claw Machop Super Macho Man (Male) Ability: No Guard Held Item: Blackglasses Bagon (Male) Ability: Rock Head Held Item: Life Orb Snorunt Tyrell Badd (Male)...