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  1. Zoroark

    Wh- What happened?

    My... My den! My beautiful den! I no longer trip over boxes left out in the hallway as I fumble for my key to the front door. There aren't any bin bags left outside number five. All of this useful camouflage gone! *sobs*
  2. Zoroark

    Bizarre forum error.

    So, I was browsing the forum, I clicked into Forum Games, and I noticed this: I'm pretty sure I've never even posted in these threads, nor was I around when they started, so quite why these threads seem to have my name on them I have no clue. It seems to be a superficial thing, though, since...
  3. Zoroark


    Something occurs to me right off the starting line: why so many specific rules? Oh, I know the probable reason; you've had all sorts come here, disrupting your quiet community and generally making themselves a nuisance. Every 'new' way they find to be irritating results in another rule...