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  1. Dar

    What gender do you play as in games?

    So, being biologically a guy, I often have people questioning or arguing against the fact that I play primarily female characters when given the choice. I'm curious as to whether others here tend to play characters opposite of their gender, and why/why not? I play as female characters mainly...
  2. Dar

    Throw Fandoms at Me

    So, I've been planning to do something for a little while (which I'm not going to say, but I'd assume is fairly easy to figure out). However, this will require me to collect a large list of fandoms. This van be anything from TV shows to video games, as long as it has a fairly large fanbase. I'll...
  3. Dar

    Severe Computer Issues

    So about a week or two ago, I got my new PC. Unfortunately, I got hit by a severe error before I could get a virus protection program on. Almost nothing on my PC is working, including Internet Explorer. I don't know for sure, but I believe several necessary files have been deleted (including the...
  4. Dar

    Open Legends (Finally!)

    (Sorry this took so long! Also, decide where your character will be, and eventually everyone will be grouped together.) Alicia sat down on the rock, panting. She finally lost them. She buried her face in her hands, and smelled the sea air that always seemed to be coming from her pores. She...
  5. Dar

    Little Habits

    What are some habits that you have while playing Pokémon games? For example, I've always had the need to keep my Pokémon within one level of each other, or else I'd go insane. Also, ever since finishing Looker's sidequest thing (which by the way gave me the respect for him that he never got in...
  6. Dar

    Wonder Trade

    What do you think of it? Personally, I love Wonder Trade. Currently my entire team consists of Wonder Trade Pokémon. So far my favorite I've gotten is Santa, a Jolly Delibird holding a Dome Fossil. It made my day. Thanks Facade <3
  7. Dar

    [Shop] Pokémon with Hidden Abilities

    [Shop] Pokémon with Hidden Abilities So, I spend a lot of time on Wonder Trade (I already have a varied team of six and I haven't left Route 2) and I got some Pokémon with Hidden Abilities: Vulpix, Level 1 (Drought) Gabite, Level 32 (Rough Skin) Clefairy, Level 30 (Friend Guard) Goomy, Level 1...
  8. Dar

    Pokémon that should have gotten Mega Evolutions

    Pokémon that should have gotten Mega Evolutions Pretty self-explanatory. In my opinion: Crawdaunt The other two Hoenn starters Scolipede Archeops At least one 5th gen pokemon? Armaldo Beedrill
  9. Dar

    The Hall Of Immortals

    You follow your guide along with the rest of the tour group into a large hall, which by the looks of it, is quite old. Your tour guide stops just at the entrance, where there appears to be several guards. "Welcome to our final destination, the Hall of Immortals!" she exclaims, with obviously...
  10. Dar

    Emerald ROM Help?

    I've been having trouble finding a good Emerald ROM and emulator that's virus-free (since I'm particularly known for getting viruses on my computer). Could anybody recommend some to me? And I need these things to play the Emerald Randomizer, if that requires any specific one.
  11. Dar

    Challenges Progress Thread

    I noticed that every challenge-based thread except for the Nuzlocke thread were last updated in 2012... So I decided to make a thread for anyone to post their progress in any challenge in any Pokémon game. I just started a Poison monotype in Leafgreen, and this is my team so far: Name: Jasmine...
  12. Dar

    (Open)[Sign-ups] Legends

    Just yesterday, I began to write a story titled "Legends." As I was writing the first chapter, I realized that it was sort of being set up like a roleplay. Then I decided it would probably be more fun as a roleplay. So here. ----- A man and monster faced each other, the area around them pitch...
  13. Dar

    In Progress Legends

    I like Pokémorph fics... This is sort of one. I'll have a prologue explaining the details, but a few things that won't be there will be explained here. The story takes place in the modern world, with a few tweaks. Some technology will be quite advanced, more so than what we have now. Secondly...
  14. Dar

    League of Legends or Dota 2?

    I'm sure this discussion has been made in the past, but I'm going to bring it up again. So in short, which MOBA do you like more? LoL? Dota 2? Another, less popular one? Discuss. I'll also be using your discussion to decide which one to play once I get a better computer (which will hopefully...
  15. Dar


    Hey guys, any of you remember me? Anyone remember Dar? Whether you do or not, I'm sort-of-ish back. And dear website, I believe it has been longer than two weeks. Anyways, I'm back, but I will not be nearly as active as I used to be. I still have a bit of school until Summer starts, and I am a...
  16. Dar

    Greatest Fears/Phobias

    I'm sure there has been many threads like this, but I made a new one anyway. If you don't feel comfortable posting your fears, no one's forcing you. My list of phobias: Algophobia- the fear of pain. I'm sure many people will disagree with me on this one.If I ever do something that could get...
  17. Dar

    Pokemon Concept Origins

    We had a names origin thread, so I felt it was needed :P For example, Absol is believed to have been based off of the kutabe (Bai Ze) of Chinese mythology, a beast that appears as a large mountain lion with one or two horns. The kutabe also warned that a plague would spread (somewhere) in...
  18. Dar

    B2/W2 Progress Thread

    I figured I might as well make this. A lot of people will be playing Black 2 and White 2 soon, if they haven't already, and people may be interested to see how far other forum-goers have gotten. ----- Name: Shane Rival's Name: Rival # of badges: None Team: Snivy Barty (M) Level 8 Azurill...
  19. Dar

    Useless Facts

    Because who doesn't love them? *The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds. *If you pour a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death. *Worms can mate with either gender.
  20. Dar

    In Progress My Journal

    So I decided to make this thing. I recently restarted my Platinum, trying to think of what kind of challenge to do, or to just play it for fun. And then I settled on making it a story from the trainer's point of view. This will be based on Platinum, obviously, so there will be many similarities...