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  1. Tarvos


    Tomhet Jag vill gråta och skrika, orka vara besviken på känslor och emotioner. I alla situationer, vill jag säga dig: "Du kan stanna hos mig".
  2. Tarvos

    ITT I describe all the countries I've been to in one sentence.

    Ok, so I haven't been to a particularly large amount of countries (18 to be exact). They are all European and North American. Hopefully I can make it 19 in January as I am planning a Lisbon trip. But here I'll describe, in one or two sentences, the props (and slops) of the countries I've been...
  3. Tarvos

    2011 London Riots

    London's been besieged with riots and people looting stores all over the place. Some people like the one who wrote this Telegraph article believe it's just youth reacting to their shit socioeconomical climate. While poverty and crime are strongly related, no doubt - these weren't the works of...
  4. Tarvos

    I'm in Iceland!

    Posting this from Guesthouse Pavi in Reykjavik, where we somehow manage free wifi and a fully equipped kitchen for 50 euros a night. Notes: Even at Bonus, the girls at the cash register speak excellent English Keflavik Airport is like it was dropped in the middle of a lava field and then...
  5. Tarvos

    Moving to Brussels for internship

    I'm moving to Brussels for 2 months for an internship at an institute related to the Flemish parliament. Fuck yeah.
  6. Tarvos

    Okapi Kingdom

    Okapi Kingdom It must have been a horde of crazy okapis Dancing in celebration of the nocturnal rites. I saw the circle twinkles in the triangle cover. They whispered between themselves about forms and shapes and geometry, I think we all had the same idea, When you see a mountain, you must...
  7. Tarvos

    Your favourite genre of music?

    And I hope this doesn't become the metal thread again. You get multiple votes anyway. Would be interesting to see the demographics here. Oh and progressive rock and such goes under rock. Pop music isn't really a genre, is it? Pop music falls into rock-based and hip-hop or r&b based or...
  8. Tarvos

    Through Gravity

    I whirled under the surface of geometric stars the circles drown out the squares in wheels they breathe in triangles and spit out lines connecting points within points within points if I turn to the left I witness the grand bang the flares lick the skin of boiling reality in the gravity of...
  9. Tarvos

    So finally I am getting my Uni shit back on track.

    I've always sort of had a love hate relationship with what I'm doing at university. I've been dearly unmotivated, failing lots of classes I could probably pass if I'd just bothered with some old-fashioned discipline. I considered dropping out, but never did and went through - I finished my...
  10. Tarvos

    The Science Thread

    Itt we talk about new scientific developments, thesis, journal articles, etc, scientific theories, and all things related to science. PS THIS IS NOT A HOMEWORK HELP THREAD. Please chip in, new scientists of TCOD. Every article I read now is one I don't have to read later. I'll start this off...
  11. Tarvos

    Fashion sense

    Have any of you lot got it? Because I don't. I'm a very casual kind of guy... I wear t-shirts with jeans, occasionally shirts or sweaters... I only wear suits on very special occasions and even then I prefer to get away with not wearing it. But I feel like I need a fun outfit that doesn't...
  12. Tarvos

    I am starting to realise I should be happy.

    http://jornvanschaik.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/my-struggle-with-religion-or-how-i-turned-from-an-ignoramus-into-an-atheist/ How being non-religious makes me feel better.
  13. Tarvos

    Happy music

    Because we don't need to cry of loss and despair anymore. List songs that make you happy. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars and Anathema - Dreaming Light are mine.
  14. Tarvos

    I may be going to England.

    Nothing is sure yet. My girlfriend decided she wants to move to Bristol to study medicine there (she wants to be a shrink). I decided I may follow her, as soon as I can manage. It's not sure she's going yet, but if she goes, I get to build a whole new life with my love in a different country...
  15. Tarvos

    Going to heaven? Atheists'll take care of your pets!

    Atheist Company to Care for Pets after Rapture The best part is they have 100 clients.
  16. Tarvos

    Downloading music: is it theft?

    In this topic we discuss the music industry, how piracy affects sales, and whether downloading really is copyright infringement. Personally, I still buy cd's - nothing's better than a good cd with artwork. The problem is major labels see the money from the cd's - not the artists. There's...
  17. Tarvos


    This topic is about transportation issues. Since I'm a frequent users of trains and bicycles, I would like to know what TCOD uses to get to work/school/pub/fucking place/etc. I will elaborate later myself, but I'm a big fan of trains myself. I like metros too and I use bicycles often. I...
  18. Tarvos

    The Happy Birthday AK thread

    Happy birthday AK. Have a good 'un.
  19. Tarvos

    indie/alternative rock

    discuss how indie is now better than metal bands i like are radiohead, snow patrol, death cab for cutie, bon iver, sigur ros, built to spill, pixies, sonic youth, godspeed you! black emperor, a silver mt. zion, god is an astronaut, brand new, some modest mouse, the dismemberment plan, the...
  20. Tarvos

    Lady Gaga

    Is a better pop artist than everyone except Katy Perry. Because Katy Perry is the best. But Lady Gaga is a close second. I love that squirrel's hits. (also discuss pop music here)